A fairly anxious and overly ambitious gal, Rachel began her endeavors into the blogging world through the likes of Tumblr. What began as a simple past-time in her high school years, The Rachel Story now serves as a creative outlet for Rachel to showcase her writing, style, photography and more...

Rachel is a graduate of University of California, San Diego with a B.A. in Communication and a minor in Business. She is inspired by everything around her and takes time to work on her current interests such as photography. An LA native who now calls NYC her home, she’s currently working in the beauty world to pursue lifelong dreams or whateva (but seriously, she's here to hustle and she has plans to make her parents--and herself--very proud). You might catch her scarfing down Hot Cheetos from her downstairs bodega, discovering new music to listen to (shoutout to Spotify/Soundcloud), or simply trying her best to avoid stepping on mysterious substances throughout the city. She also sometimes creates videos for her channel on YouTube.

Features + Collaborations: 

Skechers, Lacoste, MTV, Who What Wear, Unsplash, Local Wolves, Mejuri, Airbnb, Topshop, BootayBag, Boohoo, Polette Eyewear, MadeWithMap, Victoria's Secret, UCEAP Rome Through the Ages, Mint Julep

*I'm also a Glossier Rep!

(Graphics for The Rachel Story by Sidney Gao)