This hot So Cal weather
is not the business...

Fall is all about those crunchy leaves, layered clothes, and pumpkin-flavored everything...right? 

I don't know about other folks, but I sure as heck am ready for a drop in temperature and the sweaters in my closet are just begging to be worn. Of course, you can't have everything: I'll have to wait patiently like every other So Cal resident for any sign of real fall weather. In the meantime, I braved the heat and wore an outfit I thought was very appropriate for the season.

I've had this dress for several years now and it has served me a great deal of good use. For this outfit, I layered it under my new cropped, hooded sweater and put on my comfortable Skechers (click HERE to read the review I did for the wedges). I pulled the look together with a black hat and cat-eye sunglasses*.

I hope the weather is somewhat fall-like for you, wherever you are!

Cropped Sweater-Urban Outfitters
Hat & Sunglasses-Forever 21

(This outfit is also featured on my Style Guru article for CollegeFashionista! Check it out HERE)

Keep on keepin' on,


*shortly after this post, my sunglasses actually broke, so now I am a sad college student who is also cat-eye sunglass-less :(


Green, green, green...

I feel like whenever I visit botanical gardens, I have the sudden urge to develop a green thumb and buy a whole bunch of flower seeds to that just me?

Anyway, I got to visit one on my recent trip to Balboa Park (click here to see the post). The place was filled with vegetation and the amount of green was on the verge of overwhelming, but nonetheless, it was so, so beautiful. My outfit, in particular, stood in stark contrast to all the color--hence, the title of this blog (creative eh?).

I think the next time I visit a garden, I'll wear something floral... "florals? for spring? groundbreaking..."

-Cropped Striped T--ASOS
-Cut-out Boots--Amazon
-Necklace--Mom's closet

As always, thanks for reading,


p.s.-the last quote was a reference to the movie The Devil Wears Prada if you were unclear...(watch it!)