Obnoxious graphic tee's evoking 
a lil' childhood nostalgia give me life...

First things first: I am NOT an impulse shopper. I actually take my time figuring out whether or not I want to purchase an item, making sure that shirt, jacket, or dress is worth my money. However, I suppose in life there are a few exceptions...

When I first laid eyes on this shirt, I thought to myself "why in the world would anyone want to buy such an obnoxious shirt?" And then I realized...I wanted to buy that shirt. It was too easy--all it required was a simple click of the mouse and there it was in my possession. I'm not sure if it was the stark contrast between the yellow and black colors, or if it was my low-key love for the timeless animated show that compelled me to spend some of my income on such a loud piece. 

All in all, I feel quite satisfied being the owner of this shirt and it will definitely be a fun experience trying to conjure up the different ways I can style it. 

What do you think of this impulse buy? Are you, yourself an impulse shopper? Let me know in the comments below!

Bart Simpson Shirt-Choies
Velvet Dress-Cotton On

Catch ya later, 



How many different ways can I style a dress?

 LOOK 1:


 LOOK 3:

I love online shopping--seriously, it's an addiction! My favorite sites include those which offer free shipping (ya'll know me and my frugality) and of course, offer a wide variety of clothing items that match my sartorial needs. I often visit to check out what's new in their "for sale" category; I also occasionally enter their Free Trial Center giveaways in which customers can have a chance to obtain the latest trends...for FREE. So, when I finally received an email stating that I'd won the dress worn in the photos above, I literally screamed with excitement! 

While I had to write a short review for the flower-print dress, I thought it'd be a good idea to style it in a couple different ways. I hope it can inspire you for your future fashion endeavors, especially for this upcoming summer season.

Which look do you prefer? 
Comment down below and let me know!

Sheer Cardigan--Anthropolgie
Sunglasses--UCSD Vendor Fair

LOOK 2: 
Leather Vest--Forever 21
Necklace--Guy & Eva
Boots--Dr. Martens

Denim Button-Up--Hand me down
Cut-Out Boots--Amazon

Flower Dress worn in all three outfits!

Have a blessed day ya'll, 


p.s.-used Lightroom to edit these pics for the 1st time...
definitely going to be a learning process...


I'm a skirt rather than jeans type of gal...

The weather has become increasingly chilly these days and living next to the beach has only amplified any form of cold in the atmosphere (ie- the air is extremely frosty and the wind is like ice on my face). Of course, it's probably not as bad as it is in the East Coast where thick, fur-lined coats and gloves are a necessity. Thus, it was only natural for me to gravitate towards my section of skirts in my ever-so-tiny dorm closet--if anyone knows me, I'm a girl who would wear skirts and dresses 24/7 rather than jeans. 

As I am slowly gaining that Freshman 15 (myth/fact that claims students in college gain 15+ lbs in their first year), my jeans are becoming more tight and the struggle to pull and close them around my waist has become a battle far too exasperating to participate in, especially when I am running late for class.

With that being said, I've compiled three different looks with three of some of my favorite skirts that I have actually worn on three consecutive days (Whew! That was a mouthful). Seriously, if there is any opportunity for me not to wear jeans, I will take it. Keeping the weather in mind, I layered each skirt with toasty long-sleeves, scarves, and jackets as well as a pair of leggings and tights to preserve the heat in my legs and protect them from the wind. My mom always taught me that in order to stay warm, I should always cover up my neck, so I've been using scarves and turtlenecks to my advantage--thanks mom! 

Each outfit was paired with a variety of accessories and my new boots (that still need breaking in T.T). 
I hope this gives you some inspiration for future days in the fall/winter weather! Remember, you can always change up these outfits to fit your style-- add a beanie, wear flats or sneakers, add more layers, etc...

Have a great holiday season and good luck to all taking finals! 
May the curve be ever in your favor~

Outfit #1:
-Studded shirt--PacSun
-Plaid coat--Hand me down
-Black circle skirt--CottonOn
-Tights--Old Navy
-Shoes--Dr. Marten's 1460

Outfit #2:
-Black turtleneck--Forever 21
-Mesh cardigan--Hand me down
-Green tartan skirt--Mom's closet
-Leggings--Cotton On
-Boots--Urban Outfit

Outfit #3:
-Cat Sweater--Choies
-Scarf--Yard Sale (H&M tag)
-Printed skirt--Ann Taylor Loft
-Tights--Old Navy
-Riding boots--Forever 21

Waiting for winter break,