One dress, two looks



I'm here with another collab with Mint Julep! (If you haven't seen my previous blog post with them click HERE). This time around, I had the opportunity to style one of their many dresses found on the website. The Day to Dream Dress is an incredibly versatile and form-flattering lace dress that has just the right amount of detailing to give it extra personality. I really enjoyed the lace-up details on the side and especially liked the timeless lace on the bottom. The dress stops at the perfect length for me (I'm 5'7 and I received a size medium) and the thin shoulder straps allow for layering with pretty bralettes or even a long-sleeve if it's still cold where you're at. 

I wanted to give two examples of how you can style this dress. Each gives off a totally different vibe so depending on your personal style, feel free to use these looks as inspiration!

I wanted this outfit to reflect the season so I wore my denim jacket I purchased at a flea market while studying abroad and layered a dainty long gold necklace (c/o my roomie) for simple accessories. Because I wanted this look to be light, I wore a pair of sandals and wore my favorite reflective nude-colored sunnies to complete the look. 

This outfit is something I'd wear to a girl's night out. I wore a black structured jacket and paired it with my trusty Dr. Marten's to keep the look tough. I then added a choker with a small Saturn charm for a punk-inspired twist. I definitely would've worn a darker, vampier lip with this too!

Both looks are very different from each other, but still use one simple, yet effortless dress to pull it all off. I feel like this dress can work in combination with a myriad of different styles, especially since it's white, and can also be layered depending on what the climate is like where you're from. 

*Be sure to check out the awesome website HERE*

**If you wanted to check out the dress I'm wearing click HERE for details**

Dream On, 

Matthew 21:22


That moment when the perfect dress
becomes a beautiful addition to your closet...

Alright, alright so maybe I'm being a little bit dramatic...

But let me tell you something: it was fate, the meeting between this dress and me. I had recently been on the search for a well-fitting denim-like dress and lo and behold, one appeared right before my eyes. Well, actually my mom laid eyes on it first and told me to try it on. Fit. Like. A. Glove. 

It's actually quite difficult to find dresses that are the right length for me without it being too loose or too inappropriately short. So when this particular dress entered into my life, I had to say it was fate. Ending right above my knees, this article of clothing falls perfectly and is comfortable enough to spend a day shifting up and down and occasionally semi-squatting to take photos of my lovely friends (these were taken at Balboa Park in case you were wondering!).

Currently, this is my #1 favorite dress (as you can probably tell) and with its versatile style, I cannot wait to wear it in different looks for various occasions. 

What's your favorite look/article of clothing right now? Let me know all about it in the comments below!

Necklace-Forever 21
Backpack-Vintage Prada (aka Mom's Closet)



P.S.-yes, I did get bangs and yes, it was quite impulsive~