For those days when you want to
smell extra nice...

Finding the right perfume or cologne for your individual taste is often a struggle. The unending aisles of fragrances often seems daunting and not everyone has the time to smell each and every bottle the ladies at the counter offer. So what do you do in this dilemma?

I present to you Pinrose--a fragrance company based in San Francisco that makes the process of buying perfume easy and fun! All you have to do is take a synesthesia test that records your sensory preferences. After your answers are analyzed, you are presented with a prescription of fragrances fit just for your personality (I got Merry Maker, Ballroom Philosopher). The best part: you can receive free samples of the fragrance in little "petal packs" like the ones I've received in the above photos. 

Here's an exclusive interview I got to have with Pinrose:

The Rachel Story: What is so unique about Pinrose?

Pinrose: It's not the average fragrance company in the sense that we truly want to help you find the perfect fragrance that is right for your exact style and liking. We have you go through our synesthesia test because we take in a number of facts about you to give you the best fragrances from our line that will fit you! We are trying to make the process of buying fragrance fun, interactive and approachable! 

TRS: Are there any perks to using Pinrose products?

P: We made the 10 premium fragrances using the best Master Perfumes in the world (i.e. we work with the same perfumers as Tom Ford), using the highest quality, most sustainable ingredients on the market. We made one in each olfactory preference category--ranging from aromatics through citrus, floral, all the way to dry woods. That way, our friends (and you) could literally smell the rainbow. If you don't like on scent there are 9 more to try!

TRS: What are some popular fragrances for this season?

P: For fall/winter our most popular fragrances tend to be Sugar Bandit because of warmth of the vanilla and caramel. Also Treehouse Royal, Campfire Rebel and Pillowtalk Poet are fall time faves. 

Also, each "petal pack" has descriptions on the back that tell you which occasion the scent is perfect for, what traits it matches, etc. 

Take the test on Pinrose HERE and let me know what your results were in the comments below!

Smell ya later,