Third wheeling your parents is basically
the best thing ever...

Here's to a great and relaxed Spring Break! I took this week off school to do nothing but sleep, eat, catch up on my shows and repeat. Of course, I spent some time meeting up with my friends and spending way too much money on food (but hey, that's what the money's for right?).

My parent's and I decided to head over to Pasadena and visit one of my mom's favorite museums: Norton Simon Museum. This museum was a much needed destination both for its galleries and for its air-conditioned goodness. From Picasso to Manet to almost everything in between, this museum has a diverse collection of art that is sure to satisfy the aesthetic needs of many people. It even has a beautiful outdoor area where you can spot a few turtles swimming around and stop to smell the flowers on your stroll. 

How was your break spent? Let me know what you were up to and if you visited any good food spots that I can add to my list!

Button Up-Mom's Closet 
Sunglasses-Urban Outfitters
Backpack-Vintage Prada

Have a beautiful day, 



That moment when the perfect dress
becomes a beautiful addition to your closet...

Alright, alright so maybe I'm being a little bit dramatic...

But let me tell you something: it was fate, the meeting between this dress and me. I had recently been on the search for a well-fitting denim-like dress and lo and behold, one appeared right before my eyes. Well, actually my mom laid eyes on it first and told me to try it on. Fit. Like. A. Glove. 

It's actually quite difficult to find dresses that are the right length for me without it being too loose or too inappropriately short. So when this particular dress entered into my life, I had to say it was fate. Ending right above my knees, this article of clothing falls perfectly and is comfortable enough to spend a day shifting up and down and occasionally semi-squatting to take photos of my lovely friends (these were taken at Balboa Park in case you were wondering!).

Currently, this is my #1 favorite dress (as you can probably tell) and with its versatile style, I cannot wait to wear it in different looks for various occasions. 

What's your favorite look/article of clothing right now? Let me know all about it in the comments below!

Necklace-Forever 21
Backpack-Vintage Prada (aka Mom's Closet)



P.S.-yes, I did get bangs and yes, it was quite impulsive~


What would you have worn to New York's 
biggest fashion event of the year?

I think this outfit would suffice!

One of the top items on my bucket list is a visit to New York Fashion Week (in addition to fashion weeks in Milan, Paris, London, etc). However, since I'm currently a college student on a budget, I decided to bring fashion week to Los Angeles! 

Fashion week is about bringing your A-game when it comes to personal style. Bloggers, editors and models alike all dress to impress and go against whats conventional in order to show off what they enjoy wearing to the myriad of street style photographers wandering around in hopes of getting a perfect shot.

I chose to wear this ensemble in honor of NYFW and wore a bright pop of hot pink to make it even more eye-catching. I paired it with a denim-like jacket worn over the shoulder (very fashion blogger-esque, no?) and a cropped tank to really allow the pink skirt to play the leading role. To accessorize, I added hints of gold through my necklace, studded boots and watch. I also balanced out the femininity of the outfit with a black beanie.

With my phone in hand and eyes peeled for the latest trend, don't I look fashion week appropriate?

Jacket-Mom's Closet
Cropped Tank-H&M
Beanie-Forever 21

Thanks for reading, 



A little bit of this, 
a little bit of that...

The weather here in SoCal is getting hot, hot, hot! But it's definitely not stopping me from sporting one of my favorite outwear pieces--this faux leather vest. The simple details of this particular vest, such as the cut of the collar and side zipper, can complement virtually any outfit. The pockets and lack of sleeves are definitely a plus, especially in the hot summer season.

I balanced the masculinity of the vest with the floral dress and accessorized with hoop earrings, a tiny necklace, watch and sun hat! The sandals I bought at Target (for a whoppin' $5!) tied the whole ensemble together quite nicely.

Vest, Hat-Forever 21
Dress-Secondhand (Bebe)
Jewelry-Mom's Closet

How has your summer been so far? 

As always, 



I can never get over the awkwardness 
when in front of the camera...

Ok, ok...for those who have been checking up on my blog, you'd have noticed the sudden change in editing. That's because I am currently testing out Photoshop and Lightroom! I am still in the learning process (which is ever so slowly improving) and I hope that I can ultimately produce nice quality edits for my photos. If you have any comments or advice on what I've got so far, please let me know in the comments section down below. Feedback is much appreciated!

Anyway, this outfit-of-the-day was actually taken about a week ago when the weather was still cool. I paired a black, cropped knit sweater with a highly contrasting hot pink skirt that I, of course, thrifted in a store right here in La Jolla! A lot of folks seem to avoid bright, in-your-face colors, but pairing or layering such colored clothing with a more subtle monotone piece can create a highly wearable look. Add in some statement jewelry and/or other accessories and voila! Remember: you can take my advice, but always make it your own! Go and wear a colored-blocked neon montage or layer in some patterns. You do you honey boo boo~

Sweater--Forever 21
Necklace--Mom's Closet
Boots--Charlotte Russe
Watch--ASOS (courtesy of Tanya, an ASOS Ambassador here @ UCSD!)



p.s.- I can now say with great honor that I'm a contributor for Teen Vogue's Fashion Click! Check out my page (and vote for my looks too) by clicking here <3


Green, green, green...

I feel like whenever I visit botanical gardens, I have the sudden urge to develop a green thumb and buy a whole bunch of flower seeds to plant...is that just me?

Anyway, I got to visit one on my recent trip to Balboa Park (click here to see the post). The place was filled with vegetation and the amount of green was on the verge of overwhelming, but nonetheless, it was so, so beautiful. My outfit, in particular, stood in stark contrast to all the color--hence, the title of this blog (creative eh?).

I think the next time I visit a garden, I'll wear something floral... "florals? for spring? groundbreaking..."

-Cropped Striped T--ASOS
-Cut-out Boots--Amazon
-Necklace--Mom's closet

As always, thanks for reading,


p.s.-the last quote was a reference to the movie The Devil Wears Prada if you were unclear...(watch it!)