A little bit of this, 
a little bit of that...

The weather here in SoCal is getting hot, hot, hot! But it's definitely not stopping me from sporting one of my favorite outwear pieces--this faux leather vest. The simple details of this particular vest, such as the cut of the collar and side zipper, can complement virtually any outfit. The pockets and lack of sleeves are definitely a plus, especially in the hot summer season.

I balanced the masculinity of the vest with the floral dress and accessorized with hoop earrings, a tiny necklace, watch and sun hat! The sandals I bought at Target (for a whoppin' $5!) tied the whole ensemble together quite nicely.

Vest, Hat-Forever 21
Dress-Secondhand (Bebe)
Jewelry-Mom's Closet

How has your summer been so far? 

As always, 



Who portrays Batman the best: Michael Keaton, 
Christian Bale, (soon to be Ben Affleck), or me?

If you ever asked me who my favorite superhero was, Batman would hands down be my first and only choice. Not only is he exceptionally skilled in martial arts, he is also a witty, cunning and willing to make meets end through any way necessary. But let's not make this about how awesome Batman is and let's get into the outfit...

I would have to say the main star of this ensemble is the beautiful shawl that was gifted to me on my recent birthday by two of my favorite people. It's the perfect length and the deep blue color complements the rest of the outfit. The pattern and slits near the bottom of the shawl add perfect accents to the overall piece. Plus, I can run around and this outwear instantly doubles as a cape...hence, the title of this particular blog post. 

I completed the look with my thrifted overalls (worn in THIS post) and since it was blazing hot--I actually got sunburned that day--I kept it simple with a grey cami and my new BCBG studded sandals. To make this look more unique, I put my hair up into two buns and added a couple accessories like my 90's choker, tribal earrings, and Casio watch. 

I am so excited to mix and match this amazing shawl with other items in my wardrobe! How would you style this and what is one piece in your closet you've been lovin' this summer? Let me know in the comments below~

Shawl-Urban Outfitters
Cami-Love Culture
Calvin Klein Overalls-Thrifted
Earrings-New Mexico
Casio Watch-Target

Catch ya on the flip side, 


P.S.-special shout out to Caroline for taking these pics for me!