Third wheeling your parents is basically
the best thing ever...

Here's to a great and relaxed Spring Break! I took this week off school to do nothing but sleep, eat, catch up on my shows and repeat. Of course, I spent some time meeting up with my friends and spending way too much money on food (but hey, that's what the money's for right?).

My parent's and I decided to head over to Pasadena and visit one of my mom's favorite museums: Norton Simon Museum. This museum was a much needed destination both for its galleries and for its air-conditioned goodness. From Picasso to Manet to almost everything in between, this museum has a diverse collection of art that is sure to satisfy the aesthetic needs of many people. It even has a beautiful outdoor area where you can spot a few turtles swimming around and stop to smell the flowers on your stroll. 

How was your break spent? Let me know what you were up to and if you visited any good food spots that I can add to my list!

Button Up-Mom's Closet 
Sunglasses-Urban Outfitters
Backpack-Vintage Prada

Have a beautiful day, 



3 hours of bleaching, 2 hours of coloring,
and 1 hour of anticipating later...

I did it! I finally did something to my jet black, untouched hair!

With the help of my kind and very patient bestie Hannah, I was able to commit and try out some color in my hair by adding a few streaks of blue. And let me tell you something--it was a mission. From researching on various platforms such as YouTube and good ol' Google to waiting what seemed like a century for my dark hair to fade blonde, I have to say changing even just a bundle of hair is a pretty serious and difficult task (or maybe for me at least).

But, I am so glad I finally changed up my hair game! I think it adds some personality to the otherwise dull set of hair I have, especially since I'm often lazy when it comes to styling it. Plus, it'll be an interesting, yet fun adventure thinking of ways to play up outfits to go along with the blue.

Who knows? Maybe next time I'll go for hot pink...or maybe purple...

Flannel-Abercrombie & Fitch
Short-Forever 21

I'll catch you in my next post, 



The ombre trend 
is here to stay...

While most gals are fond of expressing the ombre trend by dyeing their hair, I decided to go on a simpler route by wearing it! This beautiful blue skirt, which was gifted by my grandma in Korea (a lot of my featured clothing items on this blog actually come from her!), just screams summer and I thought it was appropriate to wear on a lovely day out with my girlfriends.

I paired this skirt with a more subtle black tank and a few delicate pieces of jewelry. The lack of print in this outfit kept the focus on the blue skirt--the ombre definitely stood out against the monochromatic color scheme as well. 

Triangle Necklace-Forever 21

A short and simple ootd for ya'll! Tune in for my next style post featuring a few changes...to my hair!

Keep it real, 



A little bit of this, 
a little bit of that...

The weather here in SoCal is getting hot, hot, hot! But it's definitely not stopping me from sporting one of my favorite outwear pieces--this faux leather vest. The simple details of this particular vest, such as the cut of the collar and side zipper, can complement virtually any outfit. The pockets and lack of sleeves are definitely a plus, especially in the hot summer season.

I balanced the masculinity of the vest with the floral dress and accessorized with hoop earrings, a tiny necklace, watch and sun hat! The sandals I bought at Target (for a whoppin' $5!) tied the whole ensemble together quite nicely.

Vest, Hat-Forever 21
Dress-Secondhand (Bebe)
Jewelry-Mom's Closet

How has your summer been so far? 

As always, 



Just a couple more weeks until
Spring is officially here...

Yay! My favorite season is just around corner this year! At least the weather down here in La Jolla has agreed to this transition. I absolutely love layering and with the new climate, dressing up sure feels like a breeze.

For this outfit, I chose to wear a feminine piece with a slightly more masculine denim jacket. The fit is very large and loose, which creates a perfect balance for the fitted dress underneath. This dress is actually very versatile--I pair it in the winter with a comfy knitted sweater and knee high boots. Of course, I added in some black tights and my finally broken-in Doc's, which have been doing me so good lately. I wear these babies almost everyday!

Hope the weather treats you well from wherever you hail! And good luck to all studying for finals...

Boots--Dr. Martens 1460
Earrings--Forever 21

See you in my next post,