Let's take a little trip
down memory lane...

Remember the good ol' days when all of life's troubles consisted only of trying to color within the lines or making sure the kid behind you wouldn't cut in front of you in the lunch line? Better yet, remember running around in your awesome new Skechers sneakers during recess? 

Many folks may be over the whole Skechers phase, claiming the style is a thing of the past and should only remain on the little soles of elementary school children. Stop. Right. There. The folks at Skechers have not forgotten the ever-changing fashion trends of their aging customers--they've got a whole collection of boots this fall that are sure to have your sartorial mouths drooling. The pair I'm wearing in this post, the Girl's Club-Sisterhood boots, is the ultimate summer-to-fall boot that can be worn with virtually every outfit during both seasons.You can see how easily I styled the shoes for the changing temperatures by layering different pieces of outwear either around on my waist or simply worn as it should be.

Fun fact: this particular boot is cushioned with memory foam. That's right, memory foam. So not only did the folks at Skechers keep in mind what's trendy, they also added comfort into their designs making sure each wearer is at his or her maximum level of convenience and satisfaction. Even though it's heeled, the cushion will cancel out any future worries of aching and blistered feet. I will definitely be wearing these all throughout the upcoming fall/winter season when I'm back at university!

Skechers has tons of different styles lined up so make sure you check out the rest of their collection HERE.

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Just a simple OOTD for ya'll...

I apologize for being so M.I.A lately! Winter quarter has definitely challenged my time-management skills and unfortunately, this has been putting off my blogging time.

-I'm an apprentice for TREND Magazine, a fashion magazine run by some of the most inspirational (and fashionable) students of UCSD. We've got an instagram, twitter, and tumblr! Click on any link for photos, news events, and more...
-I currently work in my university's library--Geisel Library--in the DLDP department aka lots of rare book scanning, quality control, etc...
-I am beginning my studies for finals week (I cannot believe how fast time flies!)...
-I recently went to a free concert for Karmin (I almost died, I was so happy)...
-I can't wait for Spring Break so I can see my family and friends!

Thanks for reading, and please tune in for further updates!

-Checkered Dress--Urban Outifitters
-Boots--Charlotte Russe

Hope you've all had a lovely week; Spring is in the air!