That moment when the perfect dress
becomes a beautiful addition to your closet...

Alright, alright so maybe I'm being a little bit dramatic...

But let me tell you something: it was fate, the meeting between this dress and me. I had recently been on the search for a well-fitting denim-like dress and lo and behold, one appeared right before my eyes. Well, actually my mom laid eyes on it first and told me to try it on. Fit. Like. A. Glove. 

It's actually quite difficult to find dresses that are the right length for me without it being too loose or too inappropriately short. So when this particular dress entered into my life, I had to say it was fate. Ending right above my knees, this article of clothing falls perfectly and is comfortable enough to spend a day shifting up and down and occasionally semi-squatting to take photos of my lovely friends (these were taken at Balboa Park in case you were wondering!).

Currently, this is my #1 favorite dress (as you can probably tell) and with its versatile style, I cannot wait to wear it in different looks for various occasions. 

What's your favorite look/article of clothing right now? Let me know all about it in the comments below!

Necklace-Forever 21
Backpack-Vintage Prada (aka Mom's Closet)



P.S.-yes, I did get bangs and yes, it was quite impulsive~


The ombre trend 
is here to stay...

While most gals are fond of expressing the ombre trend by dyeing their hair, I decided to go on a simpler route by wearing it! This beautiful blue skirt, which was gifted by my grandma in Korea (a lot of my featured clothing items on this blog actually come from her!), just screams summer and I thought it was appropriate to wear on a lovely day out with my girlfriends.

I paired this skirt with a more subtle black tank and a few delicate pieces of jewelry. The lack of print in this outfit kept the focus on the blue skirt--the ombre definitely stood out against the monochromatic color scheme as well. 

Triangle Necklace-Forever 21

A short and simple ootd for ya'll! Tune in for my next style post featuring a few my hair!

Keep it real, 



Who portrays Batman the best: Michael Keaton, 
Christian Bale, (soon to be Ben Affleck), or me?

If you ever asked me who my favorite superhero was, Batman would hands down be my first and only choice. Not only is he exceptionally skilled in martial arts, he is also a witty, cunning and willing to make meets end through any way necessary. But let's not make this about how awesome Batman is and let's get into the outfit...

I would have to say the main star of this ensemble is the beautiful shawl that was gifted to me on my recent birthday by two of my favorite people. It's the perfect length and the deep blue color complements the rest of the outfit. The pattern and slits near the bottom of the shawl add perfect accents to the overall piece. Plus, I can run around and this outwear instantly doubles as a cape...hence, the title of this particular blog post. 

I completed the look with my thrifted overalls (worn in THIS post) and since it was blazing hot--I actually got sunburned that day--I kept it simple with a grey cami and my new BCBG studded sandals. To make this look more unique, I put my hair up into two buns and added a couple accessories like my 90's choker, tribal earrings, and Casio watch. 

I am so excited to mix and match this amazing shawl with other items in my wardrobe! How would you style this and what is one piece in your closet you've been lovin' this summer? Let me know in the comments below~

Shawl-Urban Outfitters
Cami-Love Culture
Calvin Klein Overalls-Thrifted
Earrings-New Mexico
Casio Watch-Target

Catch ya on the flip side, 


P.S.-special shout out to Caroline for taking these pics for me!


The weather here in SoCal has been so good to me so far this week. It's cold enough so that I can wear simply a dress and sweater paired with some sneakers and not feel as if my body is going to freeze to death. It also doesn't get so hot that functioning is impossible. The weather is quite...perfect. Which, aside from the stereotypes of Californian weather, is a big surprise especially during the winter season.
On another very different note, I am so, SO glad that I am finally a 2nd-semester SENIOR! I can feel senioritis slowly creeping up on me. But that's ok, since college acceptance letters are coming soon...along with my trip to China this spring! More on that trip later though...
- Dress: H&M
- Sweater: Thrifted
-Necklace: Mom's
- Tights: Old Navy
- Shoes: Jack Parcell for Old Navy
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