The end of my first quarter of college definitely calls for a celebratory sleepover party...

Korean-style Vietnamese rolls

Our lovely host <3
All smiles--Happy Holidays from us to you!

Has this year been going by really quickly or is it just me?

Through blood, sweat, and tears, I have finished my first set of college finals, ending my first quarter at UCSD as well. The amount of studying was taking its toll as I stayed for countless hours in our school library behind rows upon rows of books and a laptop screen containing as much information as a whole years worth of any high school subject. The only things that really kept me motivated were: the fact that I was essentially paying for these final tests, the many study care packages filled with food from my upperclassman friends, and the 3 weeks of vacation laid out before me.

After completing my exams, I frantically packed my belongings, rode the northbound Amtrak train, and breathed a huge sigh of relief as I was finally headed home for the holidays.
Some of my friends and I gathered and had a great time catching up (keep in mind, I haven't seen half of them since high school had ended). It was a fantastic night filled with laughter, food, and a plethora of perfectly timed pictures.

All in all, it was a great start to this winter break and I hope that the rest of my vacation will be as fulfilling and happy as this one.

Thanks for reading and have a very merry Christmas season!

Relaxing at home,



Unconventional, yet very aesthetic Christmas Tree
Feathers dipped in gold glitter add the finishing touch
Paper snowflakes make an easy decoration
Let your reflection glow...literally
Lights around you bed emit warm feelings

To celebrate my first blog post, I wanted to showcase some photos of easy and simple DIY's that can instantly brighten up the holiday season. The first two photos are from the Free People Blog (you can search key words or search through the DIY tab). Paper snowflakes are also another easy, fun way to decorate! All you need is some white printer paper, scissors and a good cutting hand. Christmas lights are also another simple and delicate tool to further put on that holiday spirit. Wrap lights around your bed post, window panes, or mirror to get a season long glow.

Season's Greeting!