I can make some semi-quality GIF's now!...

Jasmine green tea is da best-- Trader Joe's

Please excuse my chipping nail polish T.T

My go-to workout jacket--from Target


I apologize for the lack of content on this blog-- I was sick all last week due to an intense fever, sever congestion, coughing, runny nose, etc etc...AKA not my cup of tea.

Speaking of tea, I've gotten into drinking more and more of these and have converted my unhealthy iced Starbucks drink days to more body-conscious and herbal teas such as Jasmine and green tea. I think it's the college atmosphere speaking to me, telling me to be more healthy and divert from calorie infested chips and desserts (alas, my love for Hot Cheetos will never expire). With the caffeine included, the teas, I've noticed, have been helping me stay alert in my studies and especially during my Tuesday 8 a.m. class I undesirably get up early for. So, drink tea and one can officially feel more healthy, clean, cozy, and warm. Instead of those energy shots, drink jasmine green tea with a bit of caffeine to help you study. The only time you'll be out of focus is when you have to use the porcelain throne...

Also, I have been going to the gym more frequently even among the chaos of being ill and having loads of readings to do. Waiiiit...Rachel? At the gym? Working Out?! I know, I know, quite a shocker, but I have taken it upon myself to become more productive in my college life (and get the most for what I'm paying for tbh) which also leads to my involvement in student organizations such as: student council (TMCSC), Christian clubs (KCCC/KCM), and others. I think it is very important to take part in one's school community, to be informed, and student council has especially helped me in knowing the politics and events occurring within campus. It's also nice to know that students have the privilege and power to voice their opinions and pass referendums and such to fulfill those opinions. And, having a Christian club to keep me accountable in my faith has encouraged me to remain focus on my priorities in school (God comes first!).

Please keep posted on my site for more updates and thanks for all the support!

Recovering and gettin' ready,



A little Model Off Duty (M.O.D.) as it applies to the non-models...

Grace Bol 
Josephine Skriver

Kasia Struss
Liu Wen
Candice Swanepoel

The "model off duty" style, coined first by Alexander Wang in U.S. Vogue as "the quintessential Wang look..straight from the West Coast," has been adopted by many models as their go-to outfit when in the midst of go-sees and transitions between shows during fashion week. This look is probably one of the most easy to dress oneself in and requires little to no effort, all while encompassing that flawless chic aura of a model.
The key to this ensemble lies within two key aspects: the jacket and the layering. As you can see in the photos above, moto jackets are thrown on above several types of shirts and sweaters. Jac Jagaciak, the model in the first photo, actually wears her jacket with a sheer dress as does Grace, who pairs her leather jacket with a sheer top and skirt. This adds femininity to an otherwise "boyish" look.
In the upcoming colder weather, one can pair their own jacket with a cute printed shirt as Josephine and Liu have done, or with just a simple black tee. It's also quite evident that black is a recurring color that emphasizes not only simplicity, but also a physique that flatters (in my opinion) all body types. Add on some black or dark blue jeans, boots, and you're set!
I took this look and added some pieces of jewelry I've collected (and taken from my mom haha) over the years. While models sometimes have intricate eye makeup or hair-as in the case of Candice-due to the aftermath of fashion shows, the average person can spice up the M.O.D. look with a printed scarf or, as I've done, with complimenting jewelry.
However one styles this look should be completely up to his or her personal approach of fashion itself. Be creative since fashion knows no boundaries! Keep this look simple and clean or add a burst of color (like I did with my lips). Have fun and don't be afraid to wear what you like!

- Black snake print moto jacket-- Korea (grandma sent it!)
- Black long sleeve-- Old Navy
- Jeans-- Pacsun
- Combat boots-- Charlotte Russe
- Necklace-- Mom's closet
- Lips-- Revlon in Siren (677)

talk to ya'll later,



Social Media Overload

Feeling a bit overwhelmed by the internet? How about your smartphone, with all it's apps and downloads? Are these social networking sites- like facebook, twitter, etc- putting a little burden on  you? 
Well...me too.

It seems like yesterday I was scrolling down barbie.com, dressing up my Barbie in different outfits and putting copious amounts of makeup on her digital face. Now, I am faced with the everyday challenge of coming up with a witty comment to tweet, liking a friend's photo on facebook, and reblogging every other post on tumblr. You're probably wondering: this is just another post on how social media is so overrated and she's going to go on and on complaining about it's effect on society blah, blah, blah. 
Well, you're half correct. 
It's become increasingly apparent that teens and even many adults are cooped up in their own little world, digitally updating and documenting their entire life for everyone to see. People in their home, on the bus, and even at restaurants are all focused on some kind of electronic device that pulls them into a never-ending ocean of social media and other sorts of entertainment. I even recall a mother and son at Elephant Bar who literally sat down with both their eyes glued to an iphone screen they each held, ate their meals through complete silence (still hanging on to their iphones), and left the table barely able to take their mind off of the devices. But it really isn't just that. It's the fact that once you get hooked on to a social network, you suddenly feel an obligation to go back to it, to update it, to like and share on it. I still feel that way, especially with this blog that I'm pretty sure no one ever reads anyway. How can this force be stopped? Simple- it can't. Social media is too inundated in society to leave, plus it brings people together from all over the world.
The only solution is in your own moderation. Take a break every once in a while. Leave your smartphone, your tablet, your laptop to go hang out with friends, exercise, or even cook!
Believe me, you'll feel a lot better about yourself. And besides, you can always tweet about it after.

Always keeping it cool,



I know dip-dye is so 2012, but I still can't help wanting to bleach the tips of my jet black hair and color it in a lovely shade of lilac/lavender. Of course, my mom would never agree and she'd probably disown me if I ever did dye my hair. I kind of think the urge to dip-dye my hair derives from my desire to break racial bonds- being Korean and conservative has finally taken its toll.

OK, so maybe I'm being too dramatic. But whatever the case, I hope I can still manage to somehow dye my hair in colors other than the norm. If not now, maybe later.. (ahem, when I'm 18 aka legally an adult).
For now, I'll just fantasize with pictures of enchanted hair with colors all shades of the rainbow.



(I personally like this shade as well)