3 down, 1 more to go

What.the.heck...happened this past school year? I seriously cannot accept the fact that I am now officially entering my last year of college. My goodness...

Junior year was probably the toughest year I've experience thus far. However, I'd like to start with an incredible blessing and opportunity I had which was studying abroad in Rome, Italy. To look back on those four months feels like I'm day-dreaming. I made such amazing friends, ate tons of delicious food, and travelled to my heart's (and wallet's) content. It was truly an experience like no other and I can't imagine how different school would've been without those few months abroad. (Check out my recap about it HERE and watch my vlogs abroad HERE). 

Coming back to UCSD was a different story. At first, the transition was O.K. I got to meet all my friends again and I got started right away with school and org business. Then things got a little to busy on my plate and I got caught in a whirlwind of work and lacked time and energy and enthusiasm in reaching out to the relationships that I should've held in higher regard. I started losing a lot of hair  and I felt the loneliest I'd ever been at one point. What was worse was my lack of ability to be vulnerable with even my closest friends which made me stuck in this emotional/mental despair. It wasn't until I finally cracked and broke down to one of my friends that I realized "oh snap" it's O.K. if I'm not 100% there and that friends are friends for a reason: they're there to listen and to encourage and support you. 

After I stopped stressing and feeling all sorts of bad, things picked up. I asked God to hold my hand and walk me through the tough times and I felt a big weight off my chest knowing that my friends were thinking about me and always available whenever needed. It was nice knowing that I could also do the same for them. I was able to be a better person to those I interacted with whether it was my co-workers, my magazine staff, or my precious small group girls. The latter, really helped me to grow as a leader and as a friend. These four different, but equally unique ladies taught me that being perfect is impossible and as long as you're patient and open-hearted, you will always be welcome and appreciated. 

This past school year was a real growing process for me and for that I am thankful. I got to learn a lot about myself and how important investing in just a few relationships that matter really is. Love languages are powerful sources of information that can help nurture friendships and taking a step back to always appreciate what you have is something I need to do more of. 

Oh, and before I forget, I had a little spark of inspiration the other day a.k.a. I think I know which direction I want to head for my future career (omg, it's finally become that time to get serious about this). I'm currently heavily involved with social media (I've got this blog, a YouTube channel, etc) and I'm interning at an advertising/PR company representing big film studios in entertainment such as Disney, Warner Bros, and Universal. It's come to my attention that it would be awesome if I worked in this industry of production and film (the entertainment industry in general) and even more specifically, within the growing Asian-American community. Productions like Wong Fu, ISAtv, Jubilee Project are all great outlets that not only showcase the skills Asian-Americans possess, but also how those skills are being put to good use that positively effects society. I just had a "why not?" kind of moment since this is something I'm passionate about and that my experience could be put to good use in. Of course, this is just one direction that I'm simply going to go in. I know I'll get inspired by other things and I'm not limiting myself to just the entertainment/film industry. But hey, it's a start!

So, I look forward to my last year at UCSD and how much more I'll grow and mature. It's an exciting, but scary thought that I know will push me to become a stronger and better person that can have a positive influence in other people's lives. I'll have friends and family to keep me accountable and I know that God will help me the entire way. 

Talk to you later, 


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