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The next (most obtainable) thing on my bucket list is to attend a music festival. Whether it's Coachella or Outsidelands, I am determined to save up and hit the road to take in what the hype is all about. The line up, the atmosphere, and the stylish people are all so inspiring and the fact that there's now what's considered a "music festival season" speaks to how much influence and popularity these events have gained.

Since the lineup of a music festival is so pivotal in determining whether or not a person takes interest, I began to think of what my ultimate lineup would be if I ever had the opportunity to plan one. To be quite honest, I listen to practically every genre. Right now, I've been huge fan of R&B and hip-hop. I took some inspiration from my iTunes playlists and TickPick to create this perfect music festival for ya'll! As a disclaimer: this is what I am currently jamming out to. I'm always open to new music and have never failed to go back to forever faves like John Mayer (woot woot!).

This dream line up is a reflection of what I'm digging now and how each artist would transition well with the other. IT WAS SO HARD TO NARROW IT DOWN YA'LL. I have way way too many faves but below I've given a few reasons as to why I like listening to a particular artist and have also included a couple songs I think you would enjoy!

I've been following this Korean artist since his humble beginnings working as a producer and collaborating with well-known American artists/producers such as Anderson .Paak and Eric Bellinger (also he used to have blonde hair wuuut?). He recently started hitting the charts with his 1st EP [130 mood: TRBL] and has gained quite an audience in both the States and South Korea! His style is a bit of R&B, hip-hop, chill trap, and basically everything I look for in music right now. GO LISTEN NOW GO GO GO!

My first exposure to Chance's music was in high school by my friends who started listening to him while he was still underground. His style and voice is definitely unique, but his raps are extremely catchy and something you'll want to repeat over and over again. By the way, he just dropped a new album, Coloring Book, and holy guacamole is it amazing!!! It has gospel songs, I repeat GOSPEL SONGS~

WHERE ARE YOU FRANK? The whole world and my grandma is waiting for a comeback!!! But on a serious note, if you've seen those memes/posts asking where the heck this artist is, know that it is with great merit those are online. Ocean's voice is ever-so-soothing and it's something you can play while you study, drive, and everything in between. He's a true storyteller and his last album is a testament to that.  

Ah, my first taste of electronic music when I entered upon the world that is college. His style of producing music is something I can listen to all day. It's not as loud and consuming as EDM and his remixes are sometimes, dare I say, better than the original? ALSO, I'm going to see him LIVE this summer and I seriously might cry I'm so excited!!!

Growing up listening to Gwen Stefani was probably the best idea little Rachel ever made. From her No Doubt days to going solo, I've been an avid fan of Gwen and meeting her clandestinely a couple years ago at the California Science Center propelled my love for her all the more. She's cool, hot, and c'mon, who else can pull of platinum blonde hair for that long??

~I got a crush on youuu~ Crush is a South Korean producer/artist whose soothing voice and knack for good beats is sure to land a spot in your music playlist. I've been a huge fan since his debut as a singer and he actually recently came out with a new album that's a bit more hip-hop/rap than his previous. Also, can I just say his personality so freakin' hilarious--take a look at this news article and you'll see why. 

The OG man right here. His, excuse the pun, soulful melodies and downright groovy beats is the kind of music I'll be swaying my head to. Whenever his songs come on my playlist I instantly feel relaxed. I'll be walking dancing across school with Musiq Soulchild on all day errday. 

A couple months ago, I saw this duo perform live and O.M.G. was I blown awaaay. When two talented people come together to sing praises and gospels to God nothing is impossible. The vocal range of these singers is insane and I got goosebumps literally the entire concert. Oh, and their names are indeed Shane and Shane. 

Started from the bottom and now she is here! I've been following Tori's passion and dreams grow from her days on YouTube to performing at music award shows and I am SO.DARN.PROUD. I remember singing along to her covers and now I'm singing along to her own original songs and it just makes me so happy being able to see all the recognition she's finally getting for her amazing talent. YOU GO TORI YOU GO GURL!

I first heard about Anderson .Paak when DEAN put out a song with him last year and I was instantly hooked. His voice is incredibly unique and his latest album Malibu has songs that are straight fireeee. He performed at my school a couple months ago (that I UNFORTUNATELY could not attend T__T) and graced the stage at Coachella so keep a look out for more of his work! It's worth a listen ya'll.

One word: falsetto. Just by looking at this gif you can tell he's hitting those notes like the musically-gifted artist he is. He's recently been trending among my group of friends and good gravy can he sing. I want you to go look up his new album, Ology, and thank me later ;)

A HUGE thank you to TickPick for the amazing graphic used in this post! Be sure to visit the site to find tickets for all your concerts, NFL games, and more~

Happy listening, 


P.S.-if I could pull off a hologram performance (like Coachella did for Tupac), my first choice would most definitely be Michael Jackson.

*FTC: photos/gifs above are not mine unless stated otherwise