#FBF SUN GOD 2014:

It's been a year already???

I cannot believe how much time flies. Sun God is around the corner and I couldn't help but look back at these old photos I took on a simple disposable I bought (since you're not allowed to used nicer cameras at these events...booo). Ahhh the feels ya'll. 

I'll just leave these photos for you all to reminisce with me. Shout out to the U-Crew and my lovely friends featured, Kaeli and Michael, for giving me a night to remember. Freshman year would definitely not have been as good as it was without you all. 

Have a fun and very safe Sun God Tritons!



Guess who's in college? 

I finally moved in to my university, UCSanDiego, Saturday morning and have settled in to my dorm. I've got to say, it's definitely been an exhausting, yet incredible past couple of days. 
To begin, I have met a plethora of surprisingly very amiable people (some of whom I'm now close friends with) and wandered around the campus enough to realize how out of shape I am in. There are so many hills that I have probably trudged up and down several times, which is a good indication that I need to hit the school's gym soon...
Like any university, a "Welcome Week" is dedicated to all incoming freshman and transfer students in which one could purchase school sweaters for a semi-affordable price (I mean $50 for a sweater, c'mon) and grab tons and tons of free items aka 'swag'. I think I've received one too many flyers and wristbands, but what's there to complain about when there's FREE FOOD involved?
I'm so relieved to have chosen this school to attend for my next four years of life. The weather is perfect, the people are approachable, and the campus is beautiful. I took some photos for you to see a glimpse of what my new beginning is all about:

Lovin' this new life so far,