In the city of roses...

Last week, my friends and I decided to have a photo adventure in the wonderful city of Pasadena! Our friend Lydia had the whole day planned for us tourists and we had opportunities to discover the many delicious foods and beautiful scenery/architecture scattered about the town. 3/4 of us had our cameras ready so lots of photos were taken--many of which the photogenic Lydia was the main subject of (at least for mine anyway). 

Here's the list of places we visited:
-Dog Haus (known for their dogs, but their burgers are amazing)
-The Pie Hole (the early grey is a MUST try)
-City Hall (where Parks & Rec was filmed!)

Pasadena is filled with a diverse rich culture and I can guarantee you will have a great time whether you go with friends, family or simply by yourself! Comment below if you've ever been to Pasadena and let me know if there's any place I missed on my last trip!

Stay cool,