Nothing like good ol' nature
to enjoy America's Independence Day...

This year, my family hit the road to Mammoth Lakes, California to celebrate the day America gained their independence. The drive up was much longer than I expected, but the next couple of days made the hours in the car all worth it.

Most of our time in Mammoth was spent hiking along the many beautiful trails that led to even more breathtaking views. Various shades of green and brown dominated the scenery and the sky remained bright blue the entire time we stayed in the mountains. I was continuously carried away by God's creation and stood in amazement while viewing the various pine trees and lakes that scattered the land. Some highlights were: Devil's Postpile and Rainbow Falls. All natural and handmade by God's own fingers!

Despite the popularity of Mammoth (the 4th of July weekend is supposedly their busiest holiday), it was nice to take a break from the city--or suburban--life and breathe in the fresh air while working out our bodies. Even without the snow, Mammoth in the summer seemed alive: people were everywhere, the birds were high in the sky, and the leaves of every plant were stretched out to the sun.

I hope your summer is treating you well so far!

Check out some more photos of my trip HERE on flickr!

Adios amigos, 



So this 4th of July, in honor of my country, my family decided to brave through 8+ hours of driving to head north into... SAN FRANCISCO.

This was my 4th time there, but my 1st time as an "adult" (I'm finally 18), and as a person who's grown to truly enjoy the environment and aesthetics of such a cultural and visually-stimulating city. I never actually realized how much art and character San Francisco held until my recent trip...
The city landscape as well was just breathtaking and a lot of the buildings and homes reminded me of downtown LA and New York. It almost felt like a New York away from New York at times. Usually, my family goes to Las Vegas every year, but to be quite honest, I was never into the cigarette-infested casinos or the "kids close your eyes" moments...although the food never has failed me. But that's beside the point. I told my parents that we should instead, go to San Francisco every year-- we would just have to deal with the slightly longer drive up. On our way back home, we traveled along Highway 1 aka the most awesome coastal scenic drive ever. The only cost was slight motion sickness from the constant turns, but hey, it was worth it. We also stopped by Hearst Castle, but unfortunately could not get a tour as all the tickets had been sold out, so we drove along some more to Pismo Beach. This beach is especially known for it's wide shores and you can literally walk in 10 feet in on low tide without drowning.
Anyway, trust me when I say this: San Francisco is definitely one of the top places you should visit before you are no longer physically capable of traveling. My love for this city has grown so much in just 3 days there and I cannot wait for the day to go back again. Perhaps even live in? Who knows. For now, let's enjoy some photos I took on my iphone. (Sorry, can't afford a decent camera yet..)


I'm moving in here (I wish) 
The famous winding road on Lombard St.

A clock tower near Fisherman's Warf

A couple lovely pastel-colored homes 
The Golden Gate Bridge

Another shot of the bridge with an extra "prop"

Pier 39 
Fireworks on the pei

Pismo Beach Part 1

Pismo Beach Part 2


Trying to be hipster...

Elephant seals on our way back home

I was going to jump, but didn't want to risk tripping
 and tumbling down this EXTREMELY steep hill