Adventure time in LA...

My beautiful friends <3

I recently purchased a new lens for my camera--just in time for spring break!

Finally reunited with my friends after being away in college for so long, we decided to go for a trip to downtown LA. Following a trip to Lemonade (for the first time!) my friends and I drove over to LACMA for a mini photoshoot. It took some getting used to, but after a couple test shots, I was able to capture some awesome moments of our time together within the street light jungle located just outside the art museum. I definitely need to come back to this place during the day time and visit the special exhibits they hold every so often...

I hope those on spring break enjoy the last few days we have before returning to our busy schedules!

See ya in my next post,



Third-wheelin' with my parents a.k.a. an easy, cheap way 
to eat a lot and spend quality bonding time...

Before winter quarter started at my university, my parents decided to take me along with them to Downtown LA. We all were craving some meat, so we chose to drive on over to our favorite shabu shabu place in Little Tokyo. I swear, this place is amazing. The owner, an aging, yet extremely amiable Japanese man, has been working at Shabu-Shabu House since...probably its conception. He really knows how to work in a restaurant catered to people who truly enjoy some good food and company.

The only downside to this place would have to be its waiting list. Because Shabu-Shabu House is so popular, a group would probably be seated, on average, an hour and a half after arrival. This, however, is not as bad as it sounds--the tiny restaurant is located in a plaza filled with various cafes and shops that you can explore as you wait for the mouth-watering Japanese dish. My parents and I, as we waited for our name to be called, visited some of the stores and even satisfied our hunger by eating a savory chicken kabob and red-bean filled goodness as an appetizer.

If you're ever in need of an adventure or want to try a different cuisine, make sure to stop by Little Tokyo and dine at Shabu-Shabu House. I hope you've also had a great first week of 2014!

Thanks for reading,

Rachel Park

P.S.-I've started Winter Quarter at university (supposedly the most difficult quarter for Freshmen) so my posts may or may not publish as consistently as before. Keep in tune though for future blog entries! Thank you all for your support. xx