Playing and posing in one giant sandbox

Taking photos has got to be one of my favorite things to do in the world. I know, that's a pretty bold statement for such a generalized topic but it truly is. You can even read about my passion for photography


if you want to know more about me. Suffice to say, the moment I first heard the term "photoadventure," it was like a dream come true. Having friends who share the same love for such an


hobby makes it all the more merrier and has also allowed me to hone in on my skills and test out my creativity. 

My friend Kevin and I decided to plan our next photoadventure and chose the

Imperial Sand Dunes

 as the destination. Kevin had already visited the place before so I had full faith that the trip was going to be an awesome one. Just by looking at the photos of the place online I was pumped: Jakku-esque (for all you Star Wars fans) with breathtaking landscapes...what more could I want! After rallying up a few of our friends, we hit the road for our highly anticipated adventure.

Some tips and tricks on preparing for the sand dunes:



: you want to be dressed appropriately! Take a jacket in case your trip lasts till nightfall and wear shoes/sandals you won't feel annoyed walking in the sand with.



 Whichever time of the day you choose, check what time the sun is up and goes down. I prefer sunset (only b/c I can't wake up at some ungodly hour). Golden hour here is


and the moments after that small gap of time are worth staying for! 



From San Diego, this place is about a 2 hours drive aka

pretty far

. There's really not much to see along the way besides rocks and farms so create an awesome playlist with plenty of sing-along songs for you and your buddies to have fun with. 



You're going to a desert so it's a good idea to bring water and a few snacks such as granola bars, fruit gummies, and chips. Our group discussed that next time we go, we'd take some


with us lol. 



 If you're a person like me and can't resist snapping away, take a digital camera. We tried taking some photos on our iPhones but the quality on the smartphone really didn't do the scenery much justice. (Of course, if you're visiting to just take in the view with your eyes, that's cool too!) I used my

Canon Rebel T3i

with the

Canon 10-22mm

lens borrowed from a friend to get the shots above. For landscape shots, it's better to go for a lens that can capture wide angles (but a 50mm lens will look great for closeups as well!)



 Once the sun sets, it's pretty much one road in the middle of nowhere on the drive back. Don't fall asleep at the wheel and be aware of the speed limit! Cops could be hiding out in who-knows-where. 

Hope you enjoyed the photos and let me know if you ever get to visit or have any questions about my experience! Stay tuned for a short and funny vlog about our trip that will be on my