Life's a beach...

wow this water looks delicious

It's truly a privilege that I can continue to call UCSD my home for the next couple years. Living in La Jolla has treated me so well--the beautiful beach is just a stroll away and the warm, sunny weather is enough to keep me satisfied. Despite years of avoiding the seaweed smell and hidden tar underneath the sand, I've actually found myself becoming a beach person! I mean how can you resist such good-lookin' waves? And don't get me started on those sunsets...

This is just an appreciation post to my darling La Jolla, San Diego. Your annoyingly photogenic scenery never ceases to amaze me :')

Stay classy San Diego,



It's been a long, long time since I've posted on my blogspot. In those weeks in which I've been too... lazy (for a lack of better words), I have been more focused on school work and college commitments. Just for those of you wondering: I committed to University of California, San Diego! I am so glad to be a part of the Triton family and my parents could not have been happier. I'm so thankful to God and to all those who have helped me along the way that I am now going to attend one of the top schools in the nation.

Anyway, this past spring break, I went on a well-coveted trip with my EF tour group to CHINA! More specifically, I stayed in the great capital, Beijing. This trip, as cliche as it may sound, opened so many culturally doors for me and taught me to be thankful for all the blessings that I have here in sunny California. Seriously, I have never been more thankful for sitting toilets than after this trip to Asia. I also accomplished so many events on my bucket list like climbing the Great Wall and seeing pandas in their homeland.
Here is a short photo diary of my travels; hope it will encourage you to save up and consider traveling to this amazing country!

Still a bit jetlagged,


Landing in Beijing

Our hotel rooms (quite lovely actually)

Can't leave China w/o seeing some panda bears..

Delicious steamed dumplings and 1000 year old eggs

Jumping in front of the Olympic Center

Tiananmen Square

Fingerlickin' pulled-pork sandwich and spicy noodle soup

The breath-taking view of the Great Wall

Capturing the entire Forbidden Palace

Buddha is everywhere in China...

Women dressed in bright traditional clothing outside Buddha's temple

Watching the famous Chinese acrobats do their thing..

Adorable little boy contemplating life aboard a small ferry

April showers bring May flowers; in this case: cherry blossoms

Bustling night market selling anything edible