For those days when I'm missing New York...

When you think of Los Angeles, what comes to mind?

For me, some of what I conjure up in my head include: food, museums/galleries, and, of course, traffic. This array is actually very reminiscent of Times Square in New York, which I miss so dearly (only, NY has extra-food, extra-museums, and extra-traffic).

As a native of Southern California, visiting downtown L.A. is nothing novel to me. However, on some occasions, I suddenly become aware of the prominence that lies within the area I take advantage of too easily. I become inspired by the captivating architecture evocative of the 1920s style and the subtle, yet awe-inducing street art painted on random corners of certain one-way streets.

I took these shots sitting in the back of our family van, completely mesmerized by a spectacle that I never would have looked twice at a couple years ago. Everything became an adventure--I wanted to revisit all the places I had been to throughout my life and take another look, but this time with a more honest and open-minded lens. I hope these photos and what I've expressed provokes you to return to those places you haven't fully appreciated yet. Go with the desire to catch all the details you missed the first time. Take pictures too and record your memories...

Happy travels,

Rachel Park


What's up with the Park Family and nature parks?

We just really enjoy traveling OK.

No, really. My dad can literally drive for 8+ hours straight without dying--given that we have a bathroom break somewhere in between. Because of my dad's wanderlust, my family has been blessed with the opportunity to say we've been to many locations across the nation. I think the travel bug actually bit me when my parents decided to take a teeny, tiny 2 month old me to Las Vegas. From that day on, I've been here, there, and everywhere(ish) and I only hope that I am able to continue my dad's influence on me forever until I die..(to visit all 7 continents is actually on my bucket list, given that I am physically able to travel to Antarctica and the Arctic).

After Christmas Day, my entire family took a visit to Joshua Tree National Park to enjoy a small speck of God's creation. This desert area is filled with an array of Joshua trees, or yucca brevifolia, whose roots reach deep into the ground and allow the plant to live for hundreds of years even in the dry, rain-less weather. There are also rock formations that one can climb about--there were even some climbers bravely attempting to free climb the giant boulders.

A trip to this place is definitely worth it especially if getting fit is on one's New Year's resolution list! The fresh desert air is a plus when hiking and this park offers plenty of benches for a meal break. Use this to help plan a trip and to know more about the history of the place.

Thanks for reading & see ya'll in the new year,