What's not to love about personalized jewelry?

OK, how cute is this packaging??

A couple weeks ago, I received an email from Breanne, one of the co-founders of Bouton Bracelets, asking if I'd like to review one of her products. After checking out her store on Etsy, I had to reply with a yes! 

Combining the latest trends in fashion jewelry with personal tastes, Bouton Bracelets allows you to mix-and-match different buttons and charms to create the ultimate statement piece. Breanne and her husband, Logan, started their accessory line with the help of her background in the fashion industry, as well as the creative efforts of Logan (an artist by trade for the last fifteen years!). They go by the motto, "Inspired By Life," and incorporate it into everything they do including: working with charities and donating 10% of all proceeds to non-profit organizations. When asked about her personal favorite in the collection, she told me the starter kit was a must have! 

I was so excited when I received this particular bracelet in the mail: both Breanne and I love turquoise! I think the color of the band complements the color of the stone very well. The band itself is not too thick and I find it so appealing how each button can be switched around (and more can be purchased online!). With the adjustable straps and cute, yet personal packaging, what's not to love about Bouton Bracelets? It's definitely something that I will be sporting often during this summer season. 

Check out their store on Etsy! These bracelets would make the perfect, wallet-friendly gift for a pal, mother, or yourself! (And you know me, I am all about frugality in the most fashion-forward way).

Let me know what you think about Bouton Bracelets in the comments section below!

Hope you're having a happy summer,