"An idea, a concept, a revolution"...

Hello all! I've partnered up with Polette to bring you a blog post on how I've been wearing one of the many eyeglasses on the website! What I absolutely love about this company is not only the large collection of various fashion glasses and sunglasses to choose from, but also the affordable price tag that goes along each one. I seriously have been wearing the pair I own every day since I received it in the mail!

Polette is a leader on the French market (and you know the French are on point with their fashion game) and the site offers products that are easily customizable so you are always going to be satisfied. Something I thought was cool was the "e-polette" glasses that protect your eyes against the harsh light from computer screens--a perfect option for those always behind their laptops!

If you're looking for statement eyewear that is both comfortable and affordable, make sure you visit Polette and read up on their CONCEPT and HISTORY while you're at it.

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What's your ideal backpack?

Who said backpacks were only meant for school?

I don't know about you, but I sure am glad that the fashion world has embraced the school bag and transformed it into a wardrobe staple. Featured in this post is Sweet Lemon's Bucket Backpack--quite possibly a new summer go-to this year! With 3 simple, yet strategically placed zippers, this piece is a character of its own. As shown above, it has a small space for your essentials: phone, keys, etc. Then you have two options to view inside and I must say that the back zipper is useful when you're in a rush and don't want to take the entire backpack off to reach for something. I also love how spacious it is! I fit my DSLR with a 24-70mm lens (which is really big and heavy) and the backpack held up without any discomfort. This item also has two options: you can wear it as a backpack or as a purse!

Another thing that's great about this backpack is how easily it can be styled. I chose to wear it with a simple striped dress and a faux leather vest for a more street-style vibe. I threw on my good ol' Docs and popped on a bright lipstick to add color.

How would you style this backpack?

Striped Dress-Cotton On
Vest-Forever 21
Boots-Dr. Marten's
Backpack-Sweet Lemon

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Continuing the series with
another pair of...

...literally the most comfortable pair of sandals I've ever owned (yes I know I said that about the other one but I think these might be it for sure). This pair--Hemisphere from the Indulge collection--required no breaking-in and the cushion from Skechers' luxe foam design truly helped my feet from aching as they walked up and down my large campus. The design is quite simple, yet the black straps are placed perfectly so that my feet aren't constantly shuffling and forming blisters. These sandals also accommodated for my wide feet which I thoroughly enjoyed!

Extremely versatile and with lasting comfort, I'd give this pair an A! Hop on over to skechers.com to shop for your own pair, Click HERE to see Part I of my series with Skechers.

Hat-Forever 21

Instagram: @skechers
Twitter: @skechersUSA
FB: /skechers

Photos By: Brianna Olsen
Edited By: Yours Truly

P.S.-A huge shoutout to my friend, Brianna for helping me take these pics! Check out her photography HERE.


For those days when you want to
smell extra nice...

Finding the right perfume or cologne for your individual taste is often a struggle. The unending aisles of fragrances often seems daunting and not everyone has the time to smell each and every bottle the ladies at the counter offer. So what do you do in this dilemma?

I present to you Pinrose--a fragrance company based in San Francisco that makes the process of buying perfume easy and fun! All you have to do is take a synesthesia test that records your sensory preferences. After your answers are analyzed, you are presented with a prescription of fragrances fit just for your personality (I got Merry Maker, Ballroom Philosopher). The best part: you can receive free samples of the fragrance in little "petal packs" like the ones I've received in the above photos. 

Here's an exclusive interview I got to have with Pinrose:

The Rachel Story: What is so unique about Pinrose?

Pinrose: It's not the average fragrance company in the sense that we truly want to help you find the perfect fragrance that is right for your exact style and liking. We have you go through our synesthesia test because we take in a number of facts about you to give you the best fragrances from our line that will fit you! We are trying to make the process of buying fragrance fun, interactive and approachable! 

TRS: Are there any perks to using Pinrose products?

P: We made the 10 premium fragrances using the best Master Perfumes in the world (i.e. we work with the same perfumers as Tom Ford), using the highest quality, most sustainable ingredients on the market. We made one in each olfactory preference category--ranging from aromatics through citrus, floral, all the way to dry woods. That way, our friends (and you) could literally smell the rainbow. If you don't like on scent there are 9 more to try!

TRS: What are some popular fragrances for this season?

P: For fall/winter our most popular fragrances tend to be Sugar Bandit because of warmth of the vanilla and caramel. Also Treehouse Royal, Campfire Rebel and Pillowtalk Poet are fall time faves. 

Also, each "petal pack" has descriptions on the back that tell you which occasion the scent is perfect for, what traits it matches, etc. 

Take the test on Pinrose HERE and let me know what your results were in the comments below!

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Let's take a little trip
down memory lane...

Remember the good ol' days when all of life's troubles consisted only of trying to color within the lines or making sure the kid behind you wouldn't cut in front of you in the lunch line? Better yet, remember running around in your awesome new Skechers sneakers during recess? 

Many folks may be over the whole Skechers phase, claiming the style is a thing of the past and should only remain on the little soles of elementary school children. Stop. Right. There. The folks at Skechers have not forgotten the ever-changing fashion trends of their aging customers--they've got a whole collection of boots this fall that are sure to have your sartorial mouths drooling. The pair I'm wearing in this post, the Girl's Club-Sisterhood boots, is the ultimate summer-to-fall boot that can be worn with virtually every outfit during both seasons.You can see how easily I styled the shoes for the changing temperatures by layering different pieces of outwear either around on my waist or simply worn as it should be.

Fun fact: this particular boot is cushioned with memory foam. That's right, memory foam. So not only did the folks at Skechers keep in mind what's trendy, they also added comfort into their designs making sure each wearer is at his or her maximum level of convenience and satisfaction. Even though it's heeled, the cushion will cancel out any future worries of aching and blistered feet. I will definitely be wearing these all throughout the upcoming fall/winter season when I'm back at university!

Skechers has tons of different styles lined up so make sure you check out the rest of their collection HERE.

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Cute earrings are 
worth blogging about...

Whenever I want to add a little spice to my outfit, I always gravitate toward accessorizing with jewelry. Whether it be my necklaces or rings, I make sure that all the details complement my overall look. So, when I received these lovely earrings from Michelle, creator and designer of Mikukumi, I knew they would make the perfect finishing touches to my future outfits.

"Be inspired and do what you love," are the words that Michelle used to start her company. Her desire to enrich her life as well as the lives of others brought her to create Mikukumi--a fashion accessory business that focuses on creating cute and fashionable handmade fabric button earrings and hairpins. Michelle's current favorite pair of earrings is the turquoise, brass anchor ones that you can purchase for yourself on her webpage!

Mikukumi has a variety of designs to choose from and whatever your personal style, there is definitely a pair fit just for you. I love how unique each pair of earrings I received is--they are perfect conversation starters too! Plus, with every purchase, you receive some inspirational words to live by (how awesome is that?).

Featured on the blog:

Make sure you check out her webpage by clicking HERE

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P.S.- Thank you Hannah for helping shoot! <3


What's not to love about personalized jewelry?

OK, how cute is this packaging??

A couple weeks ago, I received an email from Breanne, one of the co-founders of Bouton Bracelets, asking if I'd like to review one of her products. After checking out her store on Etsy, I had to reply with a yes! 

Combining the latest trends in fashion jewelry with personal tastes, Bouton Bracelets allows you to mix-and-match different buttons and charms to create the ultimate statement piece. Breanne and her husband, Logan, started their accessory line with the help of her background in the fashion industry, as well as the creative efforts of Logan (an artist by trade for the last fifteen years!). They go by the motto, "Inspired By Life," and incorporate it into everything they do including: working with charities and donating 10% of all proceeds to non-profit organizations. When asked about her personal favorite in the collection, she told me the starter kit was a must have! 

I was so excited when I received this particular bracelet in the mail: both Breanne and I love turquoise! I think the color of the band complements the color of the stone very well. The band itself is not too thick and I find it so appealing how each button can be switched around (and more can be purchased online!). With the adjustable straps and cute, yet personal packaging, what's not to love about Bouton Bracelets? It's definitely something that I will be sporting often during this summer season. 

Check out their store on Etsy! These bracelets would make the perfect, wallet-friendly gift for a pal, mother, or yourself! (And you know me, I am all about frugality in the most fashion-forward way).

Let me know what you think about Bouton Bracelets in the comments section below!

Hope you're having a happy summer,