Prepare your eyes for 
an onslaught of blue hues...

Living in a beach city while at university is possibly one of the best things to happen to me...ever. Now, I was never much of a beach girl--in fact, I hated going visiting the ocean unless there was an incentive to eat yummy soft serve ice cream. 

But living near one of the most beautiful shores on the west coast has definitely changed my perspective. Plus, how cool is to walk less than 10 minutes to catch yet another flawless sunset off the cliffs of La Jolla? It has really been a blessing so far to appreciate God's creation daily and I hope that one day ya'll can come down to San Diego to see this much awesome. 

Here's a set of photos I shot of my friends Mel and Mish at the La Jolla Cove (which is home to some of the most docile seals ever!). Also, shout out to Bobboi aka home of one of the best gelato I have eaten in the West Coast thus far. 

Feast your eyes on the all that azul~

Button Up-Forever 21
Distressed Jeans-Cotton On
Plaid Shirt-Abercrombie&Fitch
Sunglasses-Lucky Brand

Catch ya on the flip side, 


P.S.-Did you spot the seal chillin' on the shore in one of the photos above?