I never considered myself to be a "go with a flow" type of person because: (a) I absolutely need structure in all aspects of my life and (b) anything spontaneous gives me anxiety. Despite my natural tendencies to plan everything out, I decided that this school year needed a bit more randomness and a laid back attitude (mind you, I'm excluding academics/job responsibilities from this mentality!). 

If you read my last blog post, you'd know that a bit of last-minute decision making makes for some excellent photo sessions. Preparing myself to visit the Noguchi Garden needed special attention to my outfit. Thus, I decided to channel the vibes of the minimalist and monochromatic design of the garden into my look. 

I've been loving the crap out of these long, flowy flared pants ever since I purchased them earlier this year. It goes well with so many different pieces and occasions. To balance the flow, I wore a tight, velvet cropped top and and put on this lightly acid-washed outwear I found at a thrift store to add some more character. Finishing off with a pair of black sandals and minimal accessories, this outfit matched perfectly with the setting and it definitely contrasted well against the lighter background.  

What's one thing you're willing to let go with the flow? Whether it's something on your schedule or an idea in need of creative direction, try letting yourself be less anxious about it and you'd be surprised how some of the stress disappears...

Rock on,