3 down, 1 more to go

What.the.heck...happened this past school year? I seriously cannot accept the fact that I am now officially entering my last year of college. My goodness...

Junior year was probably the toughest year I've experience thus far. However, I'd like to start with an incredible blessing and opportunity I had which was studying abroad in Rome, Italy. To look back on those four months feels like I'm day-dreaming. I made such amazing friends, ate tons of delicious food, and travelled to my heart's (and wallet's) content. It was truly an experience like no other and I can't imagine how different school would've been without those few months abroad. (Check out my recap about it HERE and watch my vlogs abroad HERE). 

Coming back to UCSD was a different story. At first, the transition was O.K. I got to meet all my friends again and I got started right away with school and org business. Then things got a little to busy on my plate and I got caught in a whirlwind of work and lacked time and energy and enthusiasm in reaching out to the relationships that I should've held in higher regard. I started losing a lot of hair  and I felt the loneliest I'd ever been at one point. What was worse was my lack of ability to be vulnerable with even my closest friends which made me stuck in this emotional/mental despair. It wasn't until I finally cracked and broke down to one of my friends that I realized "oh snap" it's O.K. if I'm not 100% there and that friends are friends for a reason: they're there to listen and to encourage and support you. 

After I stopped stressing and feeling all sorts of bad, things picked up. I asked God to hold my hand and walk me through the tough times and I felt a big weight off my chest knowing that my friends were thinking about me and always available whenever needed. It was nice knowing that I could also do the same for them. I was able to be a better person to those I interacted with whether it was my co-workers, my magazine staff, or my precious small group girls. The latter, really helped me to grow as a leader and as a friend. These four different, but equally unique ladies taught me that being perfect is impossible and as long as you're patient and open-hearted, you will always be welcome and appreciated. 

This past school year was a real growing process for me and for that I am thankful. I got to learn a lot about myself and how important investing in just a few relationships that matter really is. Love languages are powerful sources of information that can help nurture friendships and taking a step back to always appreciate what you have is something I need to do more of. 

Oh, and before I forget, I had a little spark of inspiration the other day a.k.a. I think I know which direction I want to head for my future career (omg, it's finally become that time to get serious about this). I'm currently heavily involved with social media (I've got this blog, a YouTube channel, etc) and I'm interning at an advertising/PR company representing big film studios in entertainment such as Disney, Warner Bros, and Universal. It's come to my attention that it would be awesome if I worked in this industry of production and film (the entertainment industry in general) and even more specifically, within the growing Asian-American community. Productions like Wong Fu, ISAtv, Jubilee Project are all great outlets that not only showcase the skills Asian-Americans possess, but also how those skills are being put to good use that positively effects society. I just had a "why not?" kind of moment since this is something I'm passionate about and that my experience could be put to good use in. Of course, this is just one direction that I'm simply going to go in. I know I'll get inspired by other things and I'm not limiting myself to just the entertainment/film industry. But hey, it's a start!

So, I look forward to my last year at UCSD and how much more I'll grow and mature. It's an exciting, but scary thought that I know will push me to become a stronger and better person that can have a positive influence in other people's lives. I'll have friends and family to keep me accountable and I know that God will help me the entire way. 

Talk to you later, 


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#FBF SUN GOD 2014:

It's been a year already???

I cannot believe how much time flies. Sun God is around the corner and I couldn't help but look back at these old photos I took on a simple disposable I bought (since you're not allowed to used nicer cameras at these events...booo). Ahhh the feels ya'll. 

I'll just leave these photos for you all to reminisce with me. Shout out to the U-Crew and my lovely friends featured, Kaeli and Michael, for giving me a night to remember. Freshman year would definitely not have been as good as it was without you all. 

Have a fun and very safe Sun God Tritons!



Every end only promises new beginnings...

My first year at UCSD is officially over and the feeling is ever so bittersweet...

Time to get sentimental: I am so blessed to have attended this university and to have met so many amazing people. From living with the best "sweetmates" on earth to befriending some of the most inspirational colleagues and professors, I would have never imagined how much one year of college can make such an impact on one's life. I've definitely learned more about the world outside of my little hometown bubble as much as I've discovered more about myself--how much of a challenge I can handle, how accepting I can be of others, what I'm actually passionate about, etc...

I'd like to believe I accomplished as much as a freshman could in one solid year of college: I joined student council, apprenticed for TREND fashion magazine, got a job, became an executive board member of UCS among other things. My blog itself has grown tremendously, all thanks to readers like who you! I've gotten more publicity and have even started on some collaborations (coming soon!). But, I know that the following years are only going to be filled with more awesome opportunities, as well as hardships and blessings. 

I just want to give a shout-out to everyone who ever took the time out of their schedule to get to know me (and feed me). I want to thank my new friends and family, whom I cherish so sincerely despite having known them for less than a year. On a side note: don't you find it so fascinating how much one can connect to another person on levels deeper than what first encounters offer in such a short span of time? I want to express my love especially for those who've seen me on my worst days and have put up with my stressed-outness. Also, thank you to my friends and family back in Torrance--ya'll have always accepted me with open arms every time I visited home. 

This summer is definitely going to be a long one, knowing that I have so much to look forward to in the upcoming school year. Hope everyone gets to spend the most fun-filled summer and I'll see ya'll soon! 

Yours truly, 


P.S.-Thank you, U-Crew, for making the dorm-life experience an unforgettable one (in the best way possible). Even though I'll be seeing most of ya'll around school, I'm going to miss seeing those beautiful faces every time I wake up and fall asleep (in the least creepiest way possible, lol). Love you to the next galaxy and back.


How in the world was I blessed
to live with such great "sweetmates"?

roomies <3
Although the thought of living with over ten other girls, all sharing toilets and shower stalls, may sound daunting to most people (including myself), residing in such a space with these people has made my college experience one to remember. It's crazy to think that only several months ago we were complete strangers...

From staying up late having deep talks about our lives to waking each other up making sure we go to class, the girls in U-Crew have definitely formed a friendship that I personally think will last. We've made memories that we can probably recall and laugh about in a couple years and we've learned the best and worst of each other. I'm so glad that I can call ya'll both suitemates and  friends; I don't think many people get to say that. Thank you for your kindness, for dealing with my weirdness, and for taking pictures of my awkward self in all those other blog posts~

There aren't enough words to describe my love and appreciation for each and every one of you. Even though we won't all be together next school year (ya'll better visit Cassie and me down in lowers), I'm glad I got to share an important chapter of my life with the most entertaining, wonderful people. 

Yours truly, 

p.s.-you're included in this too awkmanda :')


The end of my first quarter of college definitely calls for a celebratory sleepover party...

Korean-style Vietnamese rolls

Our lovely host <3
All smiles--Happy Holidays from us to you!

Has this year been going by really quickly or is it just me?

Through blood, sweat, and tears, I have finished my first set of college finals, ending my first quarter at UCSD as well. The amount of studying was taking its toll as I stayed for countless hours in our school library behind rows upon rows of books and a laptop screen containing as much information as a whole years worth of any high school subject. The only things that really kept me motivated were: the fact that I was essentially paying for these final tests, the many study care packages filled with food from my upperclassman friends, and the 3 weeks of vacation laid out before me.

After completing my exams, I frantically packed my belongings, rode the northbound Amtrak train, and breathed a huge sigh of relief as I was finally headed home for the holidays.
Some of my friends and I gathered and had a great time catching up (keep in mind, I haven't seen half of them since high school had ended). It was a fantastic night filled with laughter, food, and a plethora of perfectly timed pictures.

All in all, it was a great start to this winter break and I hope that the rest of my vacation will be as fulfilling and happy as this one.

Thanks for reading and have a very merry Christmas season!

Relaxing at home,



I can make some semi-quality GIF's now!...

Jasmine green tea is da best-- Trader Joe's

Please excuse my chipping nail polish T.T

My go-to workout jacket--from Target


I apologize for the lack of content on this blog-- I was sick all last week due to an intense fever, sever congestion, coughing, runny nose, etc etc...AKA not my cup of tea.

Speaking of tea, I've gotten into drinking more and more of these and have converted my unhealthy iced Starbucks drink days to more body-conscious and herbal teas such as Jasmine and green tea. I think it's the college atmosphere speaking to me, telling me to be more healthy and divert from calorie infested chips and desserts (alas, my love for Hot Cheetos will never expire). With the caffeine included, the teas, I've noticed, have been helping me stay alert in my studies and especially during my Tuesday 8 a.m. class I undesirably get up early for. So, drink tea and one can officially feel more healthy, clean, cozy, and warm. Instead of those energy shots, drink jasmine green tea with a bit of caffeine to help you study. The only time you'll be out of focus is when you have to use the porcelain throne...

Also, I have been going to the gym more frequently even among the chaos of being ill and having loads of readings to do. Waiiiit...Rachel? At the gym? Working Out?! I know, I know, quite a shocker, but I have taken it upon myself to become more productive in my college life (and get the most for what I'm paying for tbh) which also leads to my involvement in student organizations such as: student council (TMCSC), Christian clubs (KCCC/KCM), and others. I think it is very important to take part in one's school community, to be informed, and student council has especially helped me in knowing the politics and events occurring within campus. It's also nice to know that students have the privilege and power to voice their opinions and pass referendums and such to fulfill those opinions. And, having a Christian club to keep me accountable in my faith has encouraged me to remain focus on my priorities in school (God comes first!).

Please keep posted on my site for more updates and thanks for all the support!

Recovering and gettin' ready,