Life's a beach...

wow this water looks delicious

It's truly a privilege that I can continue to call UCSD my home for the next couple years. Living in La Jolla has treated me so well--the beautiful beach is just a stroll away and the warm, sunny weather is enough to keep me satisfied. Despite years of avoiding the seaweed smell and hidden tar underneath the sand, I've actually found myself becoming a beach person! I mean how can you resist such good-lookin' waves? And don't get me started on those sunsets...

This is just an appreciation post to my darling La Jolla, San Diego. Your annoyingly photogenic scenery never ceases to amaze me :')

Stay classy San Diego,



Felt patriotic the other day...

Tender Greens aka my mom's new favorite place to eat

Perks of livin in SD---the most sublime tacos
My parents and younger brother came to visit a couple weeks ago and my dad decided to take us to the USS Midway. For those who do not know, the USS Midway was one of the biggest aircraft carriers commissioned after WWII and was also the longest servicing carriers for the US Navy--it has even served as a flagship for operation Desert Storm. Visiting this monument was a very fulfilling experience as we got to climb up and down the many steep ladders located in various areas of the ship leading to areas such as the mess halls, captain's quarters, and engine rooms. The flight deck itself was an experience--it's long, broad space housed a myriad of aircrafts ranging from helicopters to fighter planes.

Although this place is now renovated to accompany the influx of tourists, I would highly recommend visiting. It's historical contents and presence is enough to make you appreciate the many years our men and women in uniform have sacrificed while serving the US. Also, conveniently located to its side is the "Unconditional Surrender" statue, reminiscent of iconic "V-J Day" photograph, that stands 25 feet tall (minuscule to the aircraft carrier next to it, to be honest).

With brunch at Tender Greens, dinner at Tacos el Gordo, and a pleasant tour around a national monument in between, a special day spent with my family was just what I needed in lieu of mounds of homework assignments and tests.

Hope ya'll have had a nice day,



How do you pronounce
La Jolla?...

I remember when I first decided to attend UCSD, I had no idea how to pronounce the city that I would soon reside in (as I will assume many other students unfamiliar with its location experienced).

Now that I know the correct way of saying it--la hoya--it's been a interesting endeavor trying to come up with funny ways to butcher the city's name. Thus, when I saw the beanie, worn in the photos above, I suddenly acquired an irresistible urge to purchase it. Not only does it work well with virtually any outfit, but it also attempts to poke fun at the city's name in a comedic, yet hip way. I paired the beanie with my overalls that I previously thrifted (for $1.50 omg), as well as a sheer, floral collared shirt underneath.

-Beanie--UCSD Apparel
-Overalls--Calvin Klein (thrifted)
-Combat Boots--Dr. Martens

See you in my next post real soon,