How do you pronounce
La Jolla?...

I remember when I first decided to attend UCSD, I had no idea how to pronounce the city that I would soon reside in (as I will assume many other students unfamiliar with its location experienced).

Now that I know the correct way of saying it--la hoya--it's been a interesting endeavor trying to come up with funny ways to butcher the city's name. Thus, when I saw the beanie, worn in the photos above, I suddenly acquired an irresistible urge to purchase it. Not only does it work well with virtually any outfit, but it also attempts to poke fun at the city's name in a comedic, yet hip way. I paired the beanie with my overalls that I previously thrifted (for $1.50 omg), as well as a sheer, floral collared shirt underneath.

-Beanie--UCSD Apparel
-Overalls--Calvin Klein (thrifted)
-Combat Boots--Dr. Martens

See you in my next post real soon,