Here's another hip place to mark 
on your list of hip places to visit...

If you're a fan of the Anaheim Packing District (check out a look I wore there HERE), then you will definitely enjoy taking a trip to 4th Street Market in Santa Ana, California. Since its recent opening this past year, this place has generated plenty of guests interested in both its culinary and visual appeal. 

Inside the market, there is a wide variety of food vendors who sell meals ranging from poke to fried chicken. My friend, Angela (in the portrait photo above) and I tried KTCHN dtsa which is basically an gourmet open sandwich filled with meat, BBQ sauce, veggies, and egg to name a few. IT.WAS.SO.GOOD. Their habanero sauce added the perfect spicy touch!

After a well digested meal, we roamed around the area to view the amazing works of graffiti painted on the walls located in the dining area outside the market. We actually stumbled upon this giant wall of art (in the last photo) while we were headed towards the parking lot. It made for the best impromptu photo op~

If you're ever in the area (and yes, I'm also talking to you UCI students!) I highly recommend checking this place out. You won't be disappointed!

*Check out my recent ootd I wore to the 4th St Market HERE*

Good luck on finals ya'll, 



Get ready to be bombarded by
all things Disney...




Last month, my friends and I visited two of our favorite destinations: Disneyland and Disney California Adventure. With the sun beating down on our faces, we waited in endless lines to ride all the various attractions, each provoking a sense of childhood nostalgia. To be quite honest, I sometimes forget how lucky I am to be a SoCal native and to have such a magical place practically next door to me. Disneyland is truly an experience that strikes all of your senses: the smells, the sounds, the movements all work together to perform a perfectly orchestrated adventure. 

One thing I tried differently for these two trips was to focus on the food. My friends and I researched beforehand and found a couple places we definitely wanted to check out before returning. I've listed some of the best dishes and snacks below; click on them to follow the links!

-Dole Whip @ the Tiki Juice Bar 
(this is a MUST, especially on hot summer days)
-Fried Chicken @ Plaza Inn
-Mickey Mouse Beignets @ Mint Julep Bar 
(donuts are my weakness, but Mickey Mouse shaped beignets? Hand me about 50 please)
(just typing this out made me drool)

Visiting the most happiest place(s) on earth can also seem...expensive. That's why we decided to pack lots of snacks and even a small lunch to ease the constant flow of cash that seem to jump out of our wallets. If you're not one of the lucky few who own seasonal passes, make sure to plan ahead and list out all the places you'd want to visit first within the parks. Keep cool by staying hydrated and take breaks when necessary. Most importantly, HAVE FUN!

Yours truly, 


P.S.-I unfortunately forgot to bring a memory card to California Adventure--hence, the quality difference as I had to upload photos using my iphone. But hey, it's the experience that counts!


Life's a beach...

wow this water looks delicious

It's truly a privilege that I can continue to call UCSD my home for the next couple years. Living in La Jolla has treated me so well--the beautiful beach is just a stroll away and the warm, sunny weather is enough to keep me satisfied. Despite years of avoiding the seaweed smell and hidden tar underneath the sand, I've actually found myself becoming a beach person! I mean how can you resist such good-lookin' waves? And don't get me started on those sunsets...

This is just an appreciation post to my darling La Jolla, San Diego. Your annoyingly photogenic scenery never ceases to amaze me :')

Stay classy San Diego,



How do you pronounce
La Jolla?...

I remember when I first decided to attend UCSD, I had no idea how to pronounce the city that I would soon reside in (as I will assume many other students unfamiliar with its location experienced).

Now that I know the correct way of saying it--la hoya--it's been a interesting endeavor trying to come up with funny ways to butcher the city's name. Thus, when I saw the beanie, worn in the photos above, I suddenly acquired an irresistible urge to purchase it. Not only does it work well with virtually any outfit, but it also attempts to poke fun at the city's name in a comedic, yet hip way. I paired the beanie with my overalls that I previously thrifted (for $1.50 omg), as well as a sheer, floral collared shirt underneath.

-Beanie--UCSD Apparel
-Overalls--Calvin Klein (thrifted)
-Combat Boots--Dr. Martens

See you in my next post real soon,



Good weather, good food, good company...

Bibimbap to satisfy my home-food cravings

With finals week just around the river bend (haha get it?) it was mighty due time for a last minute get-away. Luckily, my friend Shinah invited me on a trip to none other than the famous San Diego tourist hot-spot Balboa Park. This culturally rich and diverse area has a variety of attractions that include historical museums, a botanical garden, and interesting street performers. What made this trip even more of an experience was the beautiful, sunny weather and of course, my dearest friends.

As much as I wanted to explore more of what this place had to offer, time and homework were two factors we college students just didn't have enough of (jk on the homework, we have too much). Although, I did get some lovely, Facebook profile worthy shots of my friends...

If you ever have the chance, do visit this area! It's located right next to the San Diego Zoo and covers over 1000 acres of land--how grand!

Hope ya'll are killin them finals! And of course, thank you for reading :')


p.s.-shoutout to junseok for driving us around!


For those days when I'm missing New York...

When you think of Los Angeles, what comes to mind?

For me, some of what I conjure up in my head include: food, museums/galleries, and, of course, traffic. This array is actually very reminiscent of Times Square in New York, which I miss so dearly (only, NY has extra-food, extra-museums, and extra-traffic).

As a native of Southern California, visiting downtown L.A. is nothing novel to me. However, on some occasions, I suddenly become aware of the prominence that lies within the area I take advantage of too easily. I become inspired by the captivating architecture evocative of the 1920s style and the subtle, yet awe-inducing street art painted on random corners of certain one-way streets.

I took these shots sitting in the back of our family van, completely mesmerized by a spectacle that I never would have looked twice at a couple years ago. Everything became an adventure--I wanted to revisit all the places I had been to throughout my life and take another look, but this time with a more honest and open-minded lens. I hope these photos and what I've expressed provokes you to return to those places you haven't fully appreciated yet. Go with the desire to catch all the details you missed the first time. Take pictures too and record your memories...

Happy travels,

Rachel Park


Third-wheelin' with my parents a.k.a. an easy, cheap way 
to eat a lot and spend quality bonding time...

Before winter quarter started at my university, my parents decided to take me along with them to Downtown LA. We all were craving some meat, so we chose to drive on over to our favorite shabu shabu place in Little Tokyo. I swear, this place is amazing. The owner, an aging, yet extremely amiable Japanese man, has been working at Shabu-Shabu House since...probably its conception. He really knows how to work in a restaurant catered to people who truly enjoy some good food and company.

The only downside to this place would have to be its waiting list. Because Shabu-Shabu House is so popular, a group would probably be seated, on average, an hour and a half after arrival. This, however, is not as bad as it sounds--the tiny restaurant is located in a plaza filled with various cafes and shops that you can explore as you wait for the mouth-watering Japanese dish. My parents and I, as we waited for our name to be called, visited some of the stores and even satisfied our hunger by eating a savory chicken kabob and red-bean filled goodness as an appetizer.

If you're ever in need of an adventure or want to try a different cuisine, make sure to stop by Little Tokyo and dine at Shabu-Shabu House. I hope you've also had a great first week of 2014!

Thanks for reading,

Rachel Park

P.S.-I've started Winter Quarter at university (supposedly the most difficult quarter for Freshmen) so my posts may or may not publish as consistently as before. Keep in tune though for future blog entries! Thank you all for your support. xx


What's up with the Park Family and nature parks?

We just really enjoy traveling OK.

No, really. My dad can literally drive for 8+ hours straight without dying--given that we have a bathroom break somewhere in between. Because of my dad's wanderlust, my family has been blessed with the opportunity to say we've been to many locations across the nation. I think the travel bug actually bit me when my parents decided to take a teeny, tiny 2 month old me to Las Vegas. From that day on, I've been here, there, and everywhere(ish) and I only hope that I am able to continue my dad's influence on me forever until I die..(to visit all 7 continents is actually on my bucket list, given that I am physically able to travel to Antarctica and the Arctic).

After Christmas Day, my entire family took a visit to Joshua Tree National Park to enjoy a small speck of God's creation. This desert area is filled with an array of Joshua trees, or yucca brevifolia, whose roots reach deep into the ground and allow the plant to live for hundreds of years even in the dry, rain-less weather. There are also rock formations that one can climb about--there were even some climbers bravely attempting to free climb the giant boulders.

A trip to this place is definitely worth it especially if getting fit is on one's New Year's resolution list! The fresh desert air is a plus when hiking and this park offers plenty of benches for a meal break. Use this to help plan a trip and to know more about the history of the place.

Thanks for reading & see ya'll in the new year,