#throwback to when layering was in

I remember in elementary school, one of my favorite outfits to wear was one in which I layered a bunch of colorful tops so that each color would show at the bottom. I would even match it for the season: red, white, and blue for 4th of July and more neutral tones during the fall. Something about layers and being able to show off more than one style felt really cool to little ol' me. Now, I understand it's summer and wearing the outfit featured in this blog is kind of out of the picture for most, but I still think it would be a good source of inspiration for future ones! Slip dresses are definitely the new trend and it's especially perfect for the hot season since the fabric is so thin and lightweight. Layering this white long-sleeve under really made the dress pop and added a more "nostalgic" aspect to the overall look (shoutout to elementary school me). To make this a bit more unique, I added a beret

I bought at a thrift store in Dublin and wore my favorite Dr. Marten's to add a bit of toughness. I completed the outfit by sporting a dark lip which I believe pulled the look together. Since the weather is burnin' up, I would recommend wearing a white short sleeve under (obvs) and tie your hair up into a chic bun while ditching the boots for a pair of strappy sandals. 

What are some trends that you loved during your childhood that you think would make an awesome comeback? I mean, culottes have been pretty much the new "it" item that many style influencers have been sporting lately and I absolutely dig it. 

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Photos By: Kirk Wang

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