Summer style, summer plans, and more...

Hello, hello!
It's been officially two weeks since I ended my freshman year of college (which you can read all about HERE). Summer vacation is in the works and unfortunately, I still do not have a job...But hey! At least I get to wake up a little later in the day and catch up on my TV shows, right?

With all the extra time I have, I decided to focus more on my blog and hobbies--I recently purchased Photoshop and Lightroom in hopes of advancing my photo editing skills. I also plan on taking my camera every time I go out! To start it all off, I have here a simple ootd, perfect for the summer season. I paired a current trendy piece--the netted shirt--with a sheer, sky blue skirt. This combination kind of gives off a nautical impression! I added simple accessories and a pair of silver Birks to ease into the refreshing So Cal summer fashion. 

I should mention: I am posting a two-part series of my glorious college-city, San Diego! They will be posted in the next couple of weeks--so, check back on my blog soon! Each post will be filled with photos of some must-see tourist spots that highlight just a little of what the area has to offer.

Tank-Love Culture
Netted Shirt-Korea
Skirt-Forever 21
Bracelet-Bouton Bracelets

Catch ya later,