March Madness is a time where basketball fans all over the nation come together and keep their fingers crossed in hopes that their favorite NCAA college team will take the championship. Of course, CollegeFashionista (aka the site I intern as a Style Guru for) has taken the opportunity to host a March Madness of their own complete with 60+ Style Gurus in the ultimate fashion showdown.

With a total of 3 rounds, March Madness a la CollegeFashionista requires each Style Guru to present 3 different looks that viewers can look through. Above are the looks I've styled for the contest. Although I did not win, I'm so glad I got to participate. A HUGE thank you to everyone who helped me get to the Top 4! Couldn't have done it without all the love and support <3

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Bonne année! Happy New Year from The Rachel Story to you!
I am sure most of us are utterly shocked by the fact that 2014 flew by so quickly. Now we must adjust our dates with the number 15 written at the end (and just as I was getting used to 14 too!). Suffice to say, this past year was truly a blessed year and God revealed to me in so many ways just how good He is. I'm so excited for what the new year has to offer (including the numbered days I have remaining as a teenager) and I also look forward to how God can use me. Perhaps by the end of 2015, I can say I've accomplished many things and succeeded  in utilizing the best of my abilities. 

Also... I have started my own photography business: The Rachel Studio. I had been contemplating on whether or not this was a good idea but I realized life is too short not to pursue what I want to pursue! It is basically an outlet in which my friends, family, and peers as well as other folks can contact me for anything from head-shots to portraits to family photo shoots! My passion for photography and capturing the memories many tend to forget throughout time has brought me to start my own page on Facebook. Please feel free to contact me for any business inquiries (limited to Los Angeles/San Diego area only for now).

As for this OOTD...well I suppose you can guess where I got the inspiration based off the intro of this blog post?

Striped Top-Forever 21
Boots-Dr. Martens

Thanks for reading and keep a look out for more of The Rachel Story!




Summer style, summer plans, and more...

Hello, hello!
It's been officially two weeks since I ended my freshman year of college (which you can read all about HERE). Summer vacation is in the works and unfortunately, I still do not have a job...But hey! At least I get to wake up a little later in the day and catch up on my TV shows, right?

With all the extra time I have, I decided to focus more on my blog and hobbies--I recently purchased Photoshop and Lightroom in hopes of advancing my photo editing skills. I also plan on taking my camera every time I go out! To start it all off, I have here a simple ootd, perfect for the summer season. I paired a current trendy piece--the netted shirt--with a sheer, sky blue skirt. This combination kind of gives off a nautical impression! I added simple accessories and a pair of silver Birks to ease into the refreshing So Cal summer fashion. 

I should mention: I am posting a two-part series of my glorious college-city, San Diego! They will be posted in the next couple of weeks--so, check back on my blog soon! Each post will be filled with photos of some must-see tourist spots that highlight just a little of what the area has to offer.

Tank-Love Culture
Netted Shirt-Korea
Skirt-Forever 21
Bracelet-Bouton Bracelets

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A little Model Off Duty (M.O.D.) as it applies to the non-models...

Grace Bol 
Josephine Skriver

Kasia Struss
Liu Wen
Candice Swanepoel

The "model off duty" style, coined first by Alexander Wang in U.S. Vogue as "the quintessential Wang look..straight from the West Coast," has been adopted by many models as their go-to outfit when in the midst of go-sees and transitions between shows during fashion week. This look is probably one of the most easy to dress oneself in and requires little to no effort, all while encompassing that flawless chic aura of a model.
The key to this ensemble lies within two key aspects: the jacket and the layering. As you can see in the photos above, moto jackets are thrown on above several types of shirts and sweaters. Jac Jagaciak, the model in the first photo, actually wears her jacket with a sheer dress as does Grace, who pairs her leather jacket with a sheer top and skirt. This adds femininity to an otherwise "boyish" look.
In the upcoming colder weather, one can pair their own jacket with a cute printed shirt as Josephine and Liu have done, or with just a simple black tee. It's also quite evident that black is a recurring color that emphasizes not only simplicity, but also a physique that flatters (in my opinion) all body types. Add on some black or dark blue jeans, boots, and you're set!
I took this look and added some pieces of jewelry I've collected (and taken from my mom haha) over the years. While models sometimes have intricate eye makeup or hair-as in the case of Candice-due to the aftermath of fashion shows, the average person can spice up the M.O.D. look with a printed scarf or, as I've done, with complimenting jewelry.
However one styles this look should be completely up to his or her personal approach of fashion itself. Be creative since fashion knows no boundaries! Keep this look simple and clean or add a burst of color (like I did with my lips). Have fun and don't be afraid to wear what you like!

- Black snake print moto jacket-- Korea (grandma sent it!)
- Black long sleeve-- Old Navy
- Jeans-- Pacsun
- Combat boots-- Charlotte Russe
- Necklace-- Mom's closet
- Lips-- Revlon in Siren (677)

talk to ya'll later,



With college days speeding by like no other,
 it was due time that I had a nice relaxing day with my family...

Are you drooling yet?
Of course, my mom and I were the only two excited for this

My outfit for the day

Couldn't have asked for two greater parents than them <3

It's already Week 4 in college which means midterms are just around the corner. There is literally no time to take a breath here in university and the constant reading ( I'm taking 2 history/writing, and a communications class) is beginning to take its toll on me. Of course, I can't really complain as I'm taking classes that I actually enjoy learning in and I don't have to do any, ANY math at all.
But getting to the point of this blog entry, my parents and brother came down from home to visit and have a lovely outing venturing around La Jolla. We ate an incredibly filling meal at a famous place, here in San Diego, called Phil's BBQ. Let me tell you, baby back ribs + onion rings + coleslaw + french fries + baked beans = one happy Park Family. We devoured more than what we possibly could have during a normal lunch break and decided to walk it off at a swap meet nearby.
If there is one thing you need to know about me, it's that I love discounts. I literally thrive off of sale racks and thrift stores. So it was to no one's surprise that I literally ran to this place (my mom is actually addicted to antique/thrift shopping as well). My mom and I happily spent the next hour and a half scouring through old, but valuable items and found interest in different pieces of jewelry as my dad and younger brother trudged along 10 feet behind us. As with all events of shopping, it was a hit-or-miss affair. In this case, more miss than hit: I ended up leaving with just a gold, squiggly midi ring for a buck.
To end the day, we went to Balboa and strolled along the walkway admiring the beach and people-watching. I'm truly so blessed to have such a loving family and I know that by studying my best in college, I'll one day be able to give just as much support back to them.

- Sheer cardigan-- Anthropologie
- Striped dress-- Cotton On
- Black glitter sandals-- Target
- Camera bag-- Ebay

Peace n blessings,



There's really nothing better than petting some pups when you're stressed out...

It has finally been an full week into college and I am already suffering from post-summer laziness. Who knew assimilating back into that work and studying mode could be so difficult? However, I promised myself to start my college years off strongly and I know that a clean slate will give me many opportunities to not only become a better scholar, but also a better person.
I've met some amazing people these past few weeks (some weird ones as well) and it's made me to really look forward for the rest of my freshman year and what good (and bad) can come out of it.
Also, I can't get enough of my college's location and weather. Beside the fact that I'm a couple hours away from home and good ol' authentic Korean food, La Jolla has a wonderful skyline right beside the beach and each day is the perfect juxtaposition of cold and warm. Plus, our school has pups you can pet whenever you want relief from the chaotic student life.
Can't wait to show you more of my everyday adventures!

- Speckled knit cardigan-- Heavenly Couture
- White tee-- gift
- Pants-- Forever21
- Shoes-- Target
- Necklace-- Guy and Eva
- Bracelets-- Philippines, gift
- Backpack-- Amazon

Cool and content,


**Special thanks to my suite mate, Michelle, for taking the pics of me!