Bonne année! Happy New Year from The Rachel Story to you!
I am sure most of us are utterly shocked by the fact that 2014 flew by so quickly. Now we must adjust our dates with the number 15 written at the end (and just as I was getting used to 14 too!). Suffice to say, this past year was truly a blessed year and God revealed to me in so many ways just how good He is. I'm so excited for what the new year has to offer (including the numbered days I have remaining as a teenager) and I also look forward to how God can use me. Perhaps by the end of 2015, I can say I've accomplished many things and succeeded  in utilizing the best of my abilities. 

Also... I have started my own photography business: The Rachel Studio. I had been contemplating on whether or not this was a good idea but I realized life is too short not to pursue what I want to pursue! It is basically an outlet in which my friends, family, and peers as well as other folks can contact me for anything from head-shots to portraits to family photo shoots! My passion for photography and capturing the memories many tend to forget throughout time has brought me to start my own page on Facebook. Please feel free to contact me for any business inquiries (limited to Los Angeles/San Diego area only for now).

As for this OOTD...well I suppose you can guess where I got the inspiration based off the intro of this blog post?

Striped Top-Forever 21
Boots-Dr. Martens

Thanks for reading and keep a look out for more of The Rachel Story!