Here's a peek into my past spring break

Unlike most of my friends, I had virtually nothing planned for spring break this year. Partly because I spent waaaay to much already while studying abroad and partly because I wanted to catch up on all the films I haven't watched since...5 years ago??? 

Much to my surprise, I had all but one day spent outside the house and I'm so thankful for the people whom I got to share the precious moments with! From taking copious amounts of photos to discovering new eateries in the area, this break was definitely one that I was able to get plenty of R&R.

Here's a list some of the places I got to visit this time around:

The Broad 
Make sure you either have a reservation OR come about an hour before the museum opens to avoid long lines. Tickets for the famous Infinity Room is in a separate line in the museum (unfortunately, I was not able to get in *sad face*). Museum is closed Mondays. In my opinion, this museum definitely lives up to the hype! Check my INSTAGRAM for more photos.

JiST Cafe
This place just became a new favorite! The banana and chocolate pancakes are TO DIE FOR--the right amount of fluff and sweetness (what Japanese bread is famous for!). Filled with all types of Japanese fusion brunch food that's available all day/night. Their savory dishes, such as the Chashu Hash Skillet, is definitely worth a try. 

Los Angeles Arts District
I visited this area once before but another visit opened my eyes to a whole new world of art! Take a stroll around the area (and stop by the neighboring Little Tokyo for food) and you'll find a myriad of beautiful street art and exhibitions for your viewing pleasure. If you're into coffee, contemporary art, and cute cafes, this is the place for you.

I also got to take another trip to Six Flags and visit Manhattan Beach during the break as well! Stay tuned for a spring break 2k16 vlog to see more action~

Always thankful, 


P.S.-I think I watched over 25 films this break.

EDIT: Check out my vlog from spring break...now live on my YOUTUBE channel!