And there goes another year...

I find it incredibly hard to believe that my sophomore year of college is already over. It honestly feels like just yesterday I was greeting new friends in dorm rooms and freaking out about finding classes. Now here I am--an upperclassman with just two more years of undergraduate schooling. Talk about crazy!

This past year has definitely one of the most busy and difficult years of my life so far. When they say that the transition from freshman year to sophomore year of college is hard they really weren't kidding. I put a lot on my plate (which I miraculously managed to balance throughout the school year) and this pushed me to manage my time wisely and be more intentional with the relationships that I have. From rooming with my very first friend (whom I met during orientation!) to serving in KCM and everything in between, I had my fair share of hardships and blessings. I am so utterly grateful for the amount of love I've received from my peers and I couldn't have asked for a better group of friends than the ones I have now. With the growth of my blog and various internships including the one with CollegeFashionista, I have refined my writing abilities and have also learned the usefulness of social media and networking. 

I'm also very excited to see the amount of support for my new photography business, The Rachel Studio! What started as a simple hobby of mine, The Rachel Studio has grown into a great passion and to be able to use God's gift to raise funds for my missions trip to the Philippines and South Korea (going this July) is an amazing blessing. I just wanted to thank everyone who has been a part of my sophomore year whether at UCSD or back home. 

Special shoutouts to:
Olive--the best roommate a girl could ask for
KCM--this ministry has helped me rediscover my love for God and how much the campus needs Him!
Redeemer--for holding me accountable and blessing me with brothers and sisters who have a passion for Him 
Graduating Seniors--CONGRATULATIONS! Feels so weird knowing I won't be able to see you all at school as often but good luck to the future and don't forget about me! (I'm going to miss you all so much omg)

And of course the list could go on and on...

Thank you for reading and staying faithful to the updates on this blog! Keep in tune for more content and look forward to more vlogs! 

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Have a happy summer, 



How in the world was I blessed
to live with such great "sweetmates"?

roomies <3
Although the thought of living with over ten other girls, all sharing toilets and shower stalls, may sound daunting to most people (including myself), residing in such a space with these people has made my college experience one to remember. It's crazy to think that only several months ago we were complete strangers...

From staying up late having deep talks about our lives to waking each other up making sure we go to class, the girls in U-Crew have definitely formed a friendship that I personally think will last. We've made memories that we can probably recall and laugh about in a couple years and we've learned the best and worst of each other. I'm so glad that I can call ya'll both suitemates and  friends; I don't think many people get to say that. Thank you for your kindness, for dealing with my weirdness, and for taking pictures of my awkward self in all those other blog posts~

There aren't enough words to describe my love and appreciation for each and every one of you. Even though we won't all be together next school year (ya'll better visit Cassie and me down in lowers), I'm glad I got to share an important chapter of my life with the most entertaining, wonderful people. 

Yours truly, 

p.s.-you're included in this too awkmanda :')


An ode to La Jolla's sunsets, weather, and beautiful people...

This could very possibly be Jay Gatsby's summer house 

Aren't they beautiful?

It is hard to deny how beautiful the city of La Jolla is. I honestly will never grow tired of its sunsets and the perfectly sunny weather. Everyday there's always a new place to discover and last week it was this wonderful place: The Cliffs.

Conveniently located only a walking distance away from my university, this place is an ideal place for an afternoon picnic. It's a small area overlooking the Pacific Ocean and let me tell you--the view is absolutely breathtaking. On the right side stands a lavish mansion with features reminiscent of Gatsby's house (eg Baz Luhrmann) only with a Californian twist. To the left is the extended West Coast shoreline with all its beach house, sea-smell filled glory.

After taking one too many photos and getting full from the wonderful food Rachel had prepared for us, we got down to business and chatted about God and shared some personal stories. It was so relaxing and calm being able to enjoy the beach and talk among close friends--something I needed more often I realized. 

If you're ever down in La Jolla, be sure to visit this place. Take time to just sit and watch the sun rise or set. The peacefulness is enough to make you feel elated and at rest. 

Stay calm and cool friends, 



I can make some semi-quality GIF's now!...

Jasmine green tea is da best-- Trader Joe's

Please excuse my chipping nail polish T.T

My go-to workout jacket--from Target


I apologize for the lack of content on this blog-- I was sick all last week due to an intense fever, sever congestion, coughing, runny nose, etc etc...AKA not my cup of tea.

Speaking of tea, I've gotten into drinking more and more of these and have converted my unhealthy iced Starbucks drink days to more body-conscious and herbal teas such as Jasmine and green tea. I think it's the college atmosphere speaking to me, telling me to be more healthy and divert from calorie infested chips and desserts (alas, my love for Hot Cheetos will never expire). With the caffeine included, the teas, I've noticed, have been helping me stay alert in my studies and especially during my Tuesday 8 a.m. class I undesirably get up early for. So, drink tea and one can officially feel more healthy, clean, cozy, and warm. Instead of those energy shots, drink jasmine green tea with a bit of caffeine to help you study. The only time you'll be out of focus is when you have to use the porcelain throne...

Also, I have been going to the gym more frequently even among the chaos of being ill and having loads of readings to do. Waiiiit...Rachel? At the gym? Working Out?! I know, I know, quite a shocker, but I have taken it upon myself to become more productive in my college life (and get the most for what I'm paying for tbh) which also leads to my involvement in student organizations such as: student council (TMCSC), Christian clubs (KCCC/KCM), and others. I think it is very important to take part in one's school community, to be informed, and student council has especially helped me in knowing the politics and events occurring within campus. It's also nice to know that students have the privilege and power to voice their opinions and pass referendums and such to fulfill those opinions. And, having a Christian club to keep me accountable in my faith has encouraged me to remain focus on my priorities in school (God comes first!).

Please keep posted on my site for more updates and thanks for all the support!

Recovering and gettin' ready,