And there goes another year...

I find it incredibly hard to believe that my sophomore year of college is already over. It honestly feels like just yesterday I was greeting new friends in dorm rooms and freaking out about finding classes. Now here I am--an upperclassman with just two more years of undergraduate schooling. Talk about crazy!

This past year has definitely one of the most busy and difficult years of my life so far. When they say that the transition from freshman year to sophomore year of college is hard they really weren't kidding. I put a lot on my plate (which I miraculously managed to balance throughout the school year) and this pushed me to manage my time wisely and be more intentional with the relationships that I have. From rooming with my very first friend (whom I met during orientation!) to serving in KCM and everything in between, I had my fair share of hardships and blessings. I am so utterly grateful for the amount of love I've received from my peers and I couldn't have asked for a better group of friends than the ones I have now. With the growth of my blog and various internships including the one with CollegeFashionista, I have refined my writing abilities and have also learned the usefulness of social media and networking. 

I'm also very excited to see the amount of support for my new photography business, The Rachel Studio! What started as a simple hobby of mine, The Rachel Studio has grown into a great passion and to be able to use God's gift to raise funds for my missions trip to the Philippines and South Korea (going this July) is an amazing blessing. I just wanted to thank everyone who has been a part of my sophomore year whether at UCSD or back home. 

Special shoutouts to:
Olive--the best roommate a girl could ask for
KCM--this ministry has helped me rediscover my love for God and how much the campus needs Him!
Redeemer--for holding me accountable and blessing me with brothers and sisters who have a passion for Him 
Graduating Seniors--CONGRATULATIONS! Feels so weird knowing I won't be able to see you all at school as often but good luck to the future and don't forget about me! (I'm going to miss you all so much omg)

And of course the list could go on and on...

Thank you for reading and staying faithful to the updates on this blog! Keep in tune for more content and look forward to more vlogs! 

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Have a happy summer,