Sometimes, you just have to force yourself to be inspired

...and I mean that in the best way possible. 

The last time I uploaded a post on this blog, I was still somewhere having the time of my life in Europe. I returned from my trip studying abroad in Rome on Christmas Eve. After 4 days of not eating shortly thereafter (due to a nasty, NASTY illness) I kind of lost motivation for all the creative aspects of life. Basically, I was overwhelmed by the amount of editing and photographing and videotaping and instagramming (you get it) that I had done in Europe and I really just wanted a break.

Boy, was it ever so difficult to get my head out of that break. It took me a whole month and a half to push myself to becoming a more creative thinker. I had forgotten how passionate I had once been and how much I really enjoyed creating new and exciting content. It wasn't after a sermon I heard one Sunday about God allowing us to have not only good work, but also good rest that it clicked. He meant for us to use the talents He gave us and that it is truly good to embark in those activities. For me, that entails going out on adventures and capturing precious moments on my camera. It means that I can take time to write out my thoughts and share it on the web. I can actually learn to enjoy the countless hours spent editing videos and photos to post for others to enjoy. 

So here's the beginning of a "re-vamp" in my creative life! 

These photos were captured President's Day--we had a mini photo-turned-food adventure in San Diego on a blistering hot day. Good food, good photos, and good company!

Talk to ya'll very soon, 


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#FBF SUN GOD 2014:

It's been a year already???

I cannot believe how much time flies. Sun God is around the corner and I couldn't help but look back at these old photos I took on a simple disposable I bought (since you're not allowed to used nicer cameras at these events...booo). Ahhh the feels ya'll. 

I'll just leave these photos for you all to reminisce with me. Shout out to the U-Crew and my lovely friends featured, Kaeli and Michael, for giving me a night to remember. Freshman year would definitely not have been as good as it was without you all. 

Have a fun and very safe Sun God Tritons!




Bonne année! Happy New Year from The Rachel Story to you!
I am sure most of us are utterly shocked by the fact that 2014 flew by so quickly. Now we must adjust our dates with the number 15 written at the end (and just as I was getting used to 14 too!). Suffice to say, this past year was truly a blessed year and God revealed to me in so many ways just how good He is. I'm so excited for what the new year has to offer (including the numbered days I have remaining as a teenager) and I also look forward to how God can use me. Perhaps by the end of 2015, I can say I've accomplished many things and succeeded  in utilizing the best of my abilities. 

Also... I have started my own photography business: The Rachel Studio. I had been contemplating on whether or not this was a good idea but I realized life is too short not to pursue what I want to pursue! It is basically an outlet in which my friends, family, and peers as well as other folks can contact me for anything from head-shots to portraits to family photo shoots! My passion for photography and capturing the memories many tend to forget throughout time has brought me to start my own page on Facebook. Please feel free to contact me for any business inquiries (limited to Los Angeles/San Diego area only for now).

As for this OOTD...well I suppose you can guess where I got the inspiration based off the intro of this blog post?

Striped Top-Forever 21
Boots-Dr. Martens

Thanks for reading and keep a look out for more of The Rachel Story!




Every end only promises new beginnings...

My first year at UCSD is officially over and the feeling is ever so bittersweet...

Time to get sentimental: I am so blessed to have attended this university and to have met so many amazing people. From living with the best "sweetmates" on earth to befriending some of the most inspirational colleagues and professors, I would have never imagined how much one year of college can make such an impact on one's life. I've definitely learned more about the world outside of my little hometown bubble as much as I've discovered more about myself--how much of a challenge I can handle, how accepting I can be of others, what I'm actually passionate about, etc...

I'd like to believe I accomplished as much as a freshman could in one solid year of college: I joined student council, apprenticed for TREND fashion magazine, got a job, became an executive board member of UCS among other things. My blog itself has grown tremendously, all thanks to readers like who you! I've gotten more publicity and have even started on some collaborations (coming soon!). But, I know that the following years are only going to be filled with more awesome opportunities, as well as hardships and blessings. 

I just want to give a shout-out to everyone who ever took the time out of their schedule to get to know me (and feed me). I want to thank my new friends and family, whom I cherish so sincerely despite having known them for less than a year. On a side note: don't you find it so fascinating how much one can connect to another person on levels deeper than what first encounters offer in such a short span of time? I want to express my love especially for those who've seen me on my worst days and have put up with my stressed-outness. Also, thank you to my friends and family back in Torrance--ya'll have always accepted me with open arms every time I visited home. 

This summer is definitely going to be a long one, knowing that I have so much to look forward to in the upcoming school year. Hope everyone gets to spend the most fun-filled summer and I'll see ya'll soon! 

Yours truly, 


P.S.-Thank you, U-Crew, for making the dorm-life experience an unforgettable one (in the best way possible). Even though I'll be seeing most of ya'll around school, I'm going to miss seeing those beautiful faces every time I wake up and fall asleep (in the least creepiest way possible, lol). Love you to the next galaxy and back.


How in the world was I blessed
to live with such great "sweetmates"?

roomies <3
Although the thought of living with over ten other girls, all sharing toilets and shower stalls, may sound daunting to most people (including myself), residing in such a space with these people has made my college experience one to remember. It's crazy to think that only several months ago we were complete strangers...

From staying up late having deep talks about our lives to waking each other up making sure we go to class, the girls in U-Crew have definitely formed a friendship that I personally think will last. We've made memories that we can probably recall and laugh about in a couple years and we've learned the best and worst of each other. I'm so glad that I can call ya'll both suitemates and  friends; I don't think many people get to say that. Thank you for your kindness, for dealing with my weirdness, and for taking pictures of my awkward self in all those other blog posts~

There aren't enough words to describe my love and appreciation for each and every one of you. Even though we won't all be together next school year (ya'll better visit Cassie and me down in lowers), I'm glad I got to share an important chapter of my life with the most entertaining, wonderful people. 

Yours truly, 

p.s.-you're included in this too awkmanda :')


I never thought I'd get involved in 
a fashion magazine this early on in my life...

PC: Edwin Quinanola

PC: Edwin Quinanola

Our lovely editor-in-chief with her three apprentices...
PC: Keili Fernando
The staff for this issue...(minus Blia!)
PC: Keili Fernando
Just last week, I attended the first of many launch parties for the new issue of Trend Magazine--a fashion magazine run by only the most fashionable and amazing students of UCSD. That's right,even this university can manage some serious sartorial business *hair flip*. 

As an apprentice, I was responsible in aiding staff members with anything from calling boutiques and asking to pull from their collection to holding up the makeshift dressing room in between shots during photoshoots. Two other lovely apprentices and I were also in charge of weekly assignments that allowed us to capture the eccentric styles of students on campus and share them on our blog and our Facebook page for others to view and appreciate. 

I am utterly grateful and honored to have worked with such talented people for the Spring/Summer 2014 issue this year. I learned of what occurs behind-the-scenes during photoshoots and felt free to express myself in both the fashion and work senses. I look forward to the many issues to come and special thanks to Tanya for being a great leader, friend, and inspiration! 

Thank you everyone for another amazing college experience and for continuing to encourage me in all that I do! Cheers to another great issue Trend! 

Click HERE to see the complete magazine~

Keep it real,


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An ode to La Jolla's sunsets, weather, and beautiful people...

This could very possibly be Jay Gatsby's summer house 

Aren't they beautiful?

It is hard to deny how beautiful the city of La Jolla is. I honestly will never grow tired of its sunsets and the perfectly sunny weather. Everyday there's always a new place to discover and last week it was this wonderful place: The Cliffs.

Conveniently located only a walking distance away from my university, this place is an ideal place for an afternoon picnic. It's a small area overlooking the Pacific Ocean and let me tell you--the view is absolutely breathtaking. On the right side stands a lavish mansion with features reminiscent of Gatsby's house (eg Baz Luhrmann) only with a Californian twist. To the left is the extended West Coast shoreline with all its beach house, sea-smell filled glory.

After taking one too many photos and getting full from the wonderful food Rachel had prepared for us, we got down to business and chatted about God and shared some personal stories. It was so relaxing and calm being able to enjoy the beach and talk among close friends--something I needed more often I realized. 

If you're ever down in La Jolla, be sure to visit this place. Take time to just sit and watch the sun rise or set. The peacefulness is enough to make you feel elated and at rest. 

Stay calm and cool friends, 



With college days speeding by like no other,
 it was due time that I had a nice relaxing day with my family...

Are you drooling yet?
Of course, my mom and I were the only two excited for this

My outfit for the day

Couldn't have asked for two greater parents than them <3

It's already Week 4 in college which means midterms are just around the corner. There is literally no time to take a breath here in university and the constant reading ( I'm taking 2 history/writing, and a communications class) is beginning to take its toll on me. Of course, I can't really complain as I'm taking classes that I actually enjoy learning in and I don't have to do any, ANY math at all.
But getting to the point of this blog entry, my parents and brother came down from home to visit and have a lovely outing venturing around La Jolla. We ate an incredibly filling meal at a famous place, here in San Diego, called Phil's BBQ. Let me tell you, baby back ribs + onion rings + coleslaw + french fries + baked beans = one happy Park Family. We devoured more than what we possibly could have during a normal lunch break and decided to walk it off at a swap meet nearby.
If there is one thing you need to know about me, it's that I love discounts. I literally thrive off of sale racks and thrift stores. So it was to no one's surprise that I literally ran to this place (my mom is actually addicted to antique/thrift shopping as well). My mom and I happily spent the next hour and a half scouring through old, but valuable items and found interest in different pieces of jewelry as my dad and younger brother trudged along 10 feet behind us. As with all events of shopping, it was a hit-or-miss affair. In this case, more miss than hit: I ended up leaving with just a gold, squiggly midi ring for a buck.
To end the day, we went to Balboa and strolled along the walkway admiring the beach and people-watching. I'm truly so blessed to have such a loving family and I know that by studying my best in college, I'll one day be able to give just as much support back to them.

- Sheer cardigan-- Anthropologie
- Striped dress-- Cotton On
- Black glitter sandals-- Target
- Camera bag-- Ebay

Peace n blessings,