I never considered myself to be a "go with a flow" type of person because: (a) I absolutely need structure in all aspects of my life and (b) anything spontaneous gives me anxiety. Despite my natural tendencies to plan everything out, I decided that this school year needed a bit more randomness and a laid back attitude (mind you, I'm excluding academics/job responsibilities from this mentality!). 

If you read my last blog post, you'd know that a bit of last-minute decision making makes for some excellent photo sessions. Preparing myself to visit the Noguchi Garden needed special attention to my outfit. Thus, I decided to channel the vibes of the minimalist and monochromatic design of the garden into my look. 

I've been loving the crap out of these long, flowy flared pants ever since I purchased them earlier this year. It goes well with so many different pieces and occasions. To balance the flow, I wore a tight, velvet cropped top and and put on this lightly acid-washed outwear I found at a thrift store to add some more character. Finishing off with a pair of black sandals and minimal accessories, this outfit matched perfectly with the setting and it definitely contrasted well against the lighter background.  

What's one thing you're willing to let go with the flow? Whether it's something on your schedule or an idea in need of creative direction, try letting yourself be less anxious about it and you'd be surprised how some of the stress disappears...

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#throwback to when layering was in

I remember in elementary school, one of my favorite outfits to wear was one in which I layered a bunch of colorful tops so that each color would show at the bottom. I would even match it for the season: red, white, and blue for 4th of July and more neutral tones during the fall. Something about layers and being able to show off more than one style felt really cool to little ol' me. Now, I understand it's summer and wearing the outfit featured in this blog is kind of out of the picture for most, but I still think it would be a good source of inspiration for future ones! Slip dresses are definitely the new trend and it's especially perfect for the hot season since the fabric is so thin and lightweight. Layering this white long-sleeve under really made the dress pop and added a more "nostalgic" aspect to the overall look (shoutout to elementary school me). To make this a bit more unique, I added a beret

I bought at a thrift store in Dublin and wore my favorite Dr. Marten's to add a bit of toughness. I completed the outfit by sporting a dark lip which I believe pulled the look together. Since the weather is burnin' up, I would recommend wearing a white short sleeve under (obvs) and tie your hair up into a chic bun while ditching the boots for a pair of strappy sandals. 

What are some trends that you loved during your childhood that you think would make an awesome comeback? I mean, culottes have been pretty much the new "it" item that many style influencers have been sporting lately and I absolutely dig it. 

Thanks for reading as always and be sure to check out my latest YouTube video HERE!

Photos By: Kirk Wang

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One dress, two looks



I'm here with another collab with Mint Julep! (If you haven't seen my previous blog post with them click HERE). This time around, I had the opportunity to style one of their many dresses found on the website. The Day to Dream Dress is an incredibly versatile and form-flattering lace dress that has just the right amount of detailing to give it extra personality. I really enjoyed the lace-up details on the side and especially liked the timeless lace on the bottom. The dress stops at the perfect length for me (I'm 5'7 and I received a size medium) and the thin shoulder straps allow for layering with pretty bralettes or even a long-sleeve if it's still cold where you're at. 

I wanted to give two examples of how you can style this dress. Each gives off a totally different vibe so depending on your personal style, feel free to use these looks as inspiration!

I wanted this outfit to reflect the season so I wore my denim jacket I purchased at a flea market while studying abroad and layered a dainty long gold necklace (c/o my roomie) for simple accessories. Because I wanted this look to be light, I wore a pair of sandals and wore my favorite reflective nude-colored sunnies to complete the look. 

This outfit is something I'd wear to a girl's night out. I wore a black structured jacket and paired it with my trusty Dr. Marten's to keep the look tough. I then added a choker with a small Saturn charm for a punk-inspired twist. I definitely would've worn a darker, vampier lip with this too!

Both looks are very different from each other, but still use one simple, yet effortless dress to pull it all off. I feel like this dress can work in combination with a myriad of different styles, especially since it's white, and can also be layered depending on what the climate is like where you're from. 

*Be sure to check out the awesome website HERE*

**If you wanted to check out the dress I'm wearing click HERE for details**

Dream On, 

Matthew 21:22


A unique take on what I'd wear on the daily

My style is always changing. I get inspired by certain trends, style bloggers, celebrities, friends...you get the point. But I always manage to make it my own thing or at least try to come up with a way in which I can style an outfit differently. Sometimes, I'll wear a look based on my mood and more importantly, the weather. I decided to create a unique lookbook (using my noob-ish Photoshop skills) to present to you a few of my ultimate ootd's*. 

Mom jeans are the epitome of comfy jeans in my opinion. Sure, they may not be considered flattering for some folks but I personally LOVE a good pair of pants that look like you scavenged it from your mother's closet. The pair I own was actually thrifted, but it's original from Levi's. In my ultimate ootd the look would include a pastel colored top with minimal accessories. I'd add in a bit of black by wearing either my favorite fedora or my small Frada (faux-Prada, lol) backpack. 
Here is a look that includes all my...well, essentials. A denim jacket (preferably oversized) is a staple in my closet. It literally looks good with any outfit and it's really a timeless piece that can be handed down for many fashionable generations to come. I think I own like five, most of which were either hand-me-downs or thrifted. Another important item is a striped shirt. I also own more than one of these and that's only because I wear them SO often. A good striped tee looks good on everyone and it can be layered in a hundred different looks. Lastly, a pair of nice quality black shoes/boots is a must. I've worn the crap out of my Dr. Marten's (omg, were they ever so difficult to break into though) and I'm currently in the market for a pair of comfy oxfords. If you've got any recommendations, let a sistah know. 
Every man and every woman should have a perfectly fitted white blouse or button-up in his/her closet. A white shirt with buttons works casually and professionally. I'd put emphasis on the latter only because there have been many times where I needed to dress well either for an interview or school event and I lacked the appropriate tops to wear. In my ultimate ootd, I'd pair the shirt with a flattering pair of high-waisted jeans and wear a simple, dainty necklace. I may wear a cute little black lace bralette if I'm feeling it~

The reason why I titled this collage "all day every day" is because I would wear an outfit with the items above all day every day if I could. I mean technically I could, but it wouldn't be socially acceptable + kind of dirty let's be real. I recently bought a pair of black Teva's last summer and can I just say it is the most functional yet stylish pair of sandals I've ever owned!!! My mom just gifted me with another pair and now I'm thinking I should probably blog (or make a video) on how to style these...Anyway, another item I'd wear all the time is a windbreaker. I found a couple of my dad's old windbreakers that have the cool 80's/90's appeal to them and I've been getting compliments every time I wear them (go dad!). If I could also get away with keeping my hair tied like that every day, I'D DO IT. 

OH, and I totally forgot to mention but my Casio watch gives.me.life. Or at least it gives me an answer to what time of the day it is. A watch on my wrist is definitely always part of any ultimate ootd for me! 

For this blog post, I was inspired by Social Print Studio to show you my take on what I wear on the daily through an unconventional lookbook. With their collection of digital photo books, the site helps as a great way to bring your digital favorites to life. Take a gander at the site, you may very well end up ordering lots of prints to decorate with or keep just for memories' sake. (Hint, hint: a good idea for Mother's Day coming up!)

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*ootd's: Outfit Of The Day, or simply pronounced oo-tuh-duh


"An idea, a concept, a revolution"...

Hello all! I've partnered up with Polette to bring you a blog post on how I've been wearing one of the many eyeglasses on the website! What I absolutely love about this company is not only the large collection of various fashion glasses and sunglasses to choose from, but also the affordable price tag that goes along each one. I seriously have been wearing the pair I own every day since I received it in the mail!

Polette is a leader on the French market (and you know the French are on point with their fashion game) and the site offers products that are easily customizable so you are always going to be satisfied. Something I thought was cool was the "e-polette" glasses that protect your eyes against the harsh light from computer screens--a perfect option for those always behind their laptops!

If you're looking for statement eyewear that is both comfortable and affordable, make sure you visit Polette and read up on their CONCEPT and HISTORY while you're at it.

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What's your ideal backpack?

Who said backpacks were only meant for school?

I don't know about you, but I sure am glad that the fashion world has embraced the school bag and transformed it into a wardrobe staple. Featured in this post is Sweet Lemon's Bucket Backpack--quite possibly a new summer go-to this year! With 3 simple, yet strategically placed zippers, this piece is a character of its own. As shown above, it has a small space for your essentials: phone, keys, etc. Then you have two options to view inside and I must say that the back zipper is useful when you're in a rush and don't want to take the entire backpack off to reach for something. I also love how spacious it is! I fit my DSLR with a 24-70mm lens (which is really big and heavy) and the backpack held up without any discomfort. This item also has two options: you can wear it as a backpack or as a purse!

Another thing that's great about this backpack is how easily it can be styled. I chose to wear it with a simple striped dress and a faux leather vest for a more street-style vibe. I threw on my good ol' Docs and popped on a bright lipstick to add color.

How would you style this backpack?

Striped Dress-Cotton On
Vest-Forever 21
Boots-Dr. Marten's
Backpack-Sweet Lemon

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