One can never consume
too many cronuts...

I am back for another food entry on my blog! Let's get right into it, shall we?

One of many cute cafes in Koreatown, Los Angeles. My friends and I decided to share some Korean-style shaved ice packed with tons of fruit and ice cream (just thinking about it makes me miss my visits to Korea all the more!).

Probably the best pastrami sandwich I've tasted to date. The meat, sauce, and cheese melt beautifully into an amazing deli concoction. Their famous #9 meal is the perfect mix of salty and savory--plus the fries are made to a beautiful crisp! The place is great for a quick lunch meal, but can also accommodate families for dinner.

I have finally consumed the very hyped CRONUT and let me tell you: it's delish. Although the restaurant is known for their sandwiches, I purchased a nutella cronut as a light breakfast and devoured it with great, great pleasure. Make sure to visit in the morning when the pastries are fresh out of the oven!

Yogurtland, Chipotle, and Blaze Pizza: what do they all have in common? The food is customizable! Food that you personally prefer is always on top of my list. The thin crust and additional sauces (like pesto and BBQ) made this visit to Blaze an awesome experience. 

I hope you enjoyed this yummy post! Did it make you drool a little? 

Catch ya'll very soon,