Cute earrings are 
worth blogging about...

Whenever I want to add a little spice to my outfit, I always gravitate toward accessorizing with jewelry. Whether it be my necklaces or rings, I make sure that all the details complement my overall look. So, when I received these lovely earrings from Michelle, creator and designer of Mikukumi, I knew they would make the perfect finishing touches to my future outfits.

"Be inspired and do what you love," are the words that Michelle used to start her company. Her desire to enrich her life as well as the lives of others brought her to create Mikukumi--a fashion accessory business that focuses on creating cute and fashionable handmade fabric button earrings and hairpins. Michelle's current favorite pair of earrings is the turquoise, brass anchor ones that you can purchase for yourself on her webpage!

Mikukumi has a variety of designs to choose from and whatever your personal style, there is definitely a pair fit just for you. I love how unique each pair of earrings I received is--they are perfect conversation starters too! Plus, with every purchase, you receive some inspirational words to live by (how awesome is that?).

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P.S.- Thank you Hannah for helping shoot! <3


I can never get over the awkwardness 
when in front of the camera...

Ok, ok...for those who have been checking up on my blog, you'd have noticed the sudden change in editing. That's because I am currently testing out Photoshop and Lightroom! I am still in the learning process (which is ever so slowly improving) and I hope that I can ultimately produce nice quality edits for my photos. If you have any comments or advice on what I've got so far, please let me know in the comments section down below. Feedback is much appreciated!

Anyway, this outfit-of-the-day was actually taken about a week ago when the weather was still cool. I paired a black, cropped knit sweater with a highly contrasting hot pink skirt that I, of course, thrifted in a store right here in La Jolla! A lot of folks seem to avoid bright, in-your-face colors, but pairing or layering such colored clothing with a more subtle monotone piece can create a highly wearable look. Add in some statement jewelry and/or other accessories and voila! Remember: you can take my advice, but always make it your own! Go and wear a colored-blocked neon montage or layer in some patterns. You do you honey boo boo~

Sweater--Forever 21
Necklace--Mom's Closet
Boots--Charlotte Russe
Watch--ASOS (courtesy of Tanya, an ASOS Ambassador here @ UCSD!)



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