Just kiddin' 
I got it from the thrift store...

It's high-waisted. It's comfy. It's everything your mom would have worn in her prime days. It's...the mom jean. 

So what's so special about this fine piece of fabric that simultaneously creates the illusion of longer legs while making some people cringe? Personally, I have two reasons why I'm currently loving this trend: one, because it's a refreshing change from the skinnies and boyfriend jeans that many people wear and two, because I copped this from the thrift store for SEVEN DOLLARS. Am I a crazy good shopper or am I a crazy good shopper?

I love the fashion industry for its tendencies to recycle trends. I'm so glad that this particular style is "in" because I truly am a sucker for comfort (especially since I am not one to sport jeans all the time). 

Shirt-Urban Outfitters
Mom Jeans-Thrifted (Goodwill)
Cut-out Ankle Boots-Amazon
That pink hair-tie you always see me wearing-Korea (from like 4 yrs ago~)

Busy but blessed, 


P.S.-OMG, I found the perfect, industrial spot to take more #ootd photos. So stay tuned for more outfits in this setting!


3 hours of bleaching, 2 hours of coloring,
and 1 hour of anticipating later...

I did it! I finally did something to my jet black, untouched hair!

With the help of my kind and very patient bestie Hannah, I was able to commit and try out some color in my hair by adding a few streaks of blue. And let me tell you something--it was a mission. From researching on various platforms such as YouTube and good ol' Google to waiting what seemed like a century for my dark hair to fade blonde, I have to say changing even just a bundle of hair is a pretty serious and difficult task (or maybe for me at least).

But, I am so glad I finally changed up my hair game! I think it adds some personality to the otherwise dull set of hair I have, especially since I'm often lazy when it comes to styling it. Plus, it'll be an interesting, yet fun adventure thinking of ways to play up outfits to go along with the blue.

Who knows? Maybe next time I'll go for hot pink...or maybe purple...

Flannel-Abercrombie & Fitch
Short-Forever 21

I'll catch you in my next post, 



 Obnoxious graphic tee's evoking 
a lil' childhood nostalgia give me life...

First things first: I am NOT an impulse shopper. I actually take my time figuring out whether or not I want to purchase an item, making sure that shirt, jacket, or dress is worth my money. However, I suppose in life there are a few exceptions...

When I first laid eyes on this shirt, I thought to myself "why in the world would anyone want to buy such an obnoxious shirt?" And then I realized...I wanted to buy that shirt. It was too easy--all it required was a simple click of the mouse and there it was in my possession. I'm not sure if it was the stark contrast between the yellow and black colors, or if it was my low-key love for the timeless animated show that compelled me to spend some of my income on such a loud piece. 

All in all, I feel quite satisfied being the owner of this shirt and it will definitely be a fun experience trying to conjure up the different ways I can style it. 

What do you think of this impulse buy? Are you, yourself an impulse shopper? Let me know in the comments below!

Bart Simpson Shirt-Choies
Velvet Dress-Cotton On

Catch ya later, 



Is it a doily? Is it a table cloth?
The world may never know...

No, I do not smell like my grandma, nor am I wearing her ornamental mat...but I am wearing this incredible white lace top!
I recently received this hand-me-down and I couldn't think of a better time to wear it than during this spring season. It has the perfect amount of girly and can flatter most figures due to it's cinched waistline. I also love the detailed lace hemlines in addition to the bat-winged style of the sleeves.
Overall, this versatile top can go along with virtually any outfit--pair with jeans like I did, or layer a fitted jacket over for an evening look.

-Lace Top--Secondhand (Forever 21)
-Jeans--7 For All Mankind
-Cut-Out Boots--Amazon

See ya later,



Green, green, green...

I feel like whenever I visit botanical gardens, I have the sudden urge to develop a green thumb and buy a whole bunch of flower seeds to plant...is that just me?

Anyway, I got to visit one on my recent trip to Balboa Park (click here to see the post). The place was filled with vegetation and the amount of green was on the verge of overwhelming, but nonetheless, it was so, so beautiful. My outfit, in particular, stood in stark contrast to all the color--hence, the title of this blog (creative eh?).

I think the next time I visit a garden, I'll wear something floral... "florals? for spring? groundbreaking..."

-Cropped Striped T--ASOS
-Cut-out Boots--Amazon
-Necklace--Mom's closet

As always, thanks for reading,


p.s.-the last quote was a reference to the movie The Devil Wears Prada if you were unclear...(watch it!)